Feeling incapable

My son has was diagnosed 7 years ago. He is 11 years old. We have been dealing with a lot of attitude, temper, screaming, ect from him recently and are wondering if anyone has an constructive help. When we sat down and talked last night again, he says he doesn’t know why he’s acting this way. I asked him how does he feel most of the time: happy, sad, bored, mad, tired. He said mad. I believe him that he doesn’t understand or know why he feels like this.

Any ideas from other parents on issues they’ve had. Is it just normal 11 year old attitude or burn out from dealing with being Diabetic and if so what have you tried that helped. I hate feeling incapable of helping my child.

My son is almost 6, diagnosed when he was a little over a year. We struggle with the same issues. He has also told me when his numbers are high he feels mad. Even as a baby he had a temper, so piling on diabetic highs doesn’t help. Its hard to know if hes just having a tantrum or if his numbers have shot up. Honestly I’ve tried everything, but only thing I’ve found to be effective and the least upsetting on both ends is to ignore and let him ride it out. Sounds bad, but I’ve tried taking things away, talking things out, time outs. They only make him angrier and therefore jacking his numbers up even higher. So unless his behavior is hurting himself or others Ive learned to just let him calm down on his own. Biggest issue was me not getting stressed but with every outburst I am slowly starting to be able to breath and know it will pass. But every child is different in how they respond to things. So not sure if it helps but know you are not alone!

I’m sorry you are struggling to. Mine was a happy kid until he got T1D, seems like it changed him in so many ways. He can still be a very loveable happy kid at times, but seems like the bad moments are outweighing the good right now. I know his highs can cause some of these issues but I don’t want this to become his normal. I can try ignoring it and see where that gets me. It’s sad to say but lately I think should we not go to this or that cause I don’t know if he’s going to have a meltdown. I took my kids to the movies a couple days ago and he started getting upset before we left saying we weren’t going to get there on time and he wanted to make sure he could get a seat in the front row. I kept saying it’s fine, we will be there in plenty of time you will get to sit in the front but by the time we got there he was in tears and had yelled at me a few times. After I coaxed him out of the vehicle, we got in and he got to sit in the front row and we were early. then he said I don’t know why I was like that. Sooo frustrating, I just want my kid back :frowning:

That is how he is, he is so sweet and considerate, then BAM it seems like he’s a different kid. It’s so hard because we literally have no idea what they are going through and as a parent that just about breaks your heart :frowning: You aren’t alone with that, I skip out events when I know he is in a “mood”. Some days I hold off on simple errands just because I know he wouldn’t be able to make it through without a melt down. But he will be a screaming, flailing mess then 20 minutes later he is 100% fine. And the things he gets upset about are usually so small, just like the movie incident you were describing. I ask him why he acts like that and his usual responses are I don’t know or I was mad. I think this disease affects each child so differently, so as parent’s its hard to give advice to each other. We can give our experience but no guarantee it will help. I hope maybe it’s something he grows out of soon and everything can get back to normal for you! Have you talked to his doctor yet? They might have some ideas since they see so many children with type 1 with so many different personalities.

My son, Joey, is also 11 years old. He was diagnosed 3 years ago. I think it is probably a combination of both age and diabetes. Joey’s mood usually changes and he gets mad when his blood sugar is high. Has your son been running high lately? Also, this is the age when my older son (who doesn’t have diabetes) started to act out. They start to worry about friends, activities, and school. Sixth and seventh grades were the worst! This is a tough age and having to deal with diabetes makes it a lot harder! I have found that Joey’s mood and behavior is better if I stay calm (even though inside my blood is boiling!) and I act as if I can handle or figure out anything (fake it until you make it!). I volunteer a lot at JDRF - it’s almost like therapy sessions to talk to the other parents! You’re definitely not alone!