Feeling insecure

i was just wondering if anyone has ever had the same experience i was hanging out with a group of friends last week until one of my friends started talking about diabetes and how his cousin had diabetes and how he felt sorry for that cousin and then my other friend replied by saying if i ever had diabetes i would kill myself i still haven’t told any of my friends about my diabetes i was planning on telling them but after that incident i don’t know how to come into terms as to how I’m going to tell them any advice

It’s hard telling friends that you now have diabetes. The sooner that you tell them, the better you will feel because it will no longer be a secret hanging over your head. It will be hard and at first and they probably won’t understand, or they might feel bad about these comments if they remember them, but just stay strong. Most of them will probably be open to learning about what living with diabetes means and will be supportive. Your friends have made the comments that you mentioned because they don’t understand and don’t take it personally. Try to remain positive and the sooner you tell them, the easier it will be for you. Good luck!

And being Diabetic isn’t anything to be ashamed of, it’s just a small part of us. You should tell your friends about it and help them understand how it affects you.