Feeling of high Blood Sugar

I recently posted wondering what people felt like when their blood sugar was high and I think I should have been more specific. What i should have posted was;
When you are descrinbing the feeling of high blood sugar to a non diabetic, how do you describe it? An example to me would be having a headache so bad it feels like my head is being squeezed in a vice,
I have told the person I am now dating about the symptoms and what not, but i want him to truly get a feel as to what i mean and im having a hard time putting it in to words.
Thanks for the help

My analogy for a long time has been that it’s like pouring sugar in your gas tank. Everything runs sluggishly and then your engine quits.

With my highs I tend to get really irritable and extremely thirsty (like having really bad dry mouth) but maybe that’s just me. After 28 years of being type 1, my symptoms for a high have remained fairly consistent, even after having a child. Don’t get me started on the lows though…ugh.

When my blood sugar is high I start to get really tired, tired, and I have to use the restroom a lot. I also get moody and if my blood sugar has been high for a while I start to get sick to my stomach.

I agree with each one of these responses…glad to know we are all in this together and best of all, can relate to one another like so many others cannot.

The gas tank analogy one is what I tell people most commonly. Sluggish and tired, often with some nausea - that is what I feel with high blood sugars.