Feeling sick

Hi, my 5yo daughter has been diagnosed about 6 months now. Nearly every day she complains about feeling sick a few times a day. We have pretty good control getting 80% time in range. We do have some ups and downs within range and we’re wondering if she’s extremely sensitive to changes or the sickness could be the Novarapid/Fiasp (tried both) not agreeing with her. Anyone had the same experience?

Welcome to the forum @Father10 and congratulations on her time in range!
I was 3 when I was diagnosed in 1963, and it wasn’t long before I was able to tell my parents “I feel funny” and while we didn’t have meters back then I recognized symptoms of lows. What are her symptoms, and have you noticed any patterns with her numbers at those times?
If the body is used to running high - which it may be following diagnosis - normal may feel low, even if the number is safe - for instance 110 may feel funny of you’re used to being near 300 (I’m pulling numbers from thin air). That’s happened with me and I had to adjust to my new normal so take guidance from your doctor on what’s safe for your daughter). Some people are “allergic” to certain formulations of insulin although I gather they get a localized reaction such as a rash of burning at the site but that’s just what little I’ve read. Hopefully others have more helpful info.
Looking forward to your contributions!

Hello @Father10 welcome to type one nation. Any time her blood sugar is dropping rapidly her body will release adrenaline and she will feel clammy, shakey, possibly feeling like an anxiety attack. Talk to her. If this is from blood sugar it is a good thing, something to cultivate. When I was diagnosed we didn’t have blood sugar meters or CGM so we had to go by feel. I can sense my blood sugar now as a result. Think of this as a new sense. I wish you both good luck :four_leaf_clover:

I agree - knowing and recognizing your signs is important even with current technology. I feel certain sensations while my numbers show as good and steady - they start dropping shortly thereafter so my body felt something pending before my CGM did. I love my Dexcom - no complaints - but it’s good to have a backup for our tech, and use it while we can.
There are other signs of lows besides the ones @joe mentioned - encourage her to recognize hers.

Thanks for your comments, general pattern seems to be movements up or down trigger a nausea. Plus the insulin seems to make her always hunger, plus she’s 5 so always hungry anyway! We’re aiming for a pump to see if that smoothes things out

Your content that insulin makes your daughter hungry reminded me of something: there was a time when insulin was called the “hunger hormone” - it’s probably something only those of us with several decades of diabetes recall. I did a quick Google search to see what I could find about insulin and hunger. Some of the articles from my quick search were much more technical in nature and you may not even want to go there😊 but this one is more for the lay person. It may be more informative than helpful but here you go if you’re interested.