Feeling Trapped

Hi there!

I'm a new Type 1 (diagnosed last Friday at the ER when I checked myself in for what I thought was a nasty stomach bug - turns out I was DKA).

I like to think I'm coming at my diabetes management in a good way - I am testing a lot during the course of the day and doing my best to wake myself at 3:00 each night for a test (last night was the first time I missed that in a few days - just turned off my alarm).  I have met with a CDE who put me on Novalog for meal-time insulin and Levemir for my Basal. 

I'm still too new/nervous to eat out, so all of my meals - except for a salad at Whole Foods the other day - have been at home and consist of pretty healthy food.  I don't mind the healthy food - I actually like eating a controlled diet in a way.  However, my CDE has suggested I try not to deviate too far from my pre-diagnosis diet so we can get a real picture of how certain foods and insulin affect my BG.  As such, I've kept my overall carb count pretty solid for each meal, even though the carbs I'm eating are of the healthier variety, and even had one of my all-time favorites this morning for the first time since my diagnosis: a cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter.

That being said, my BG levels are still spiking a fair amount and, of course, I end up getting super nervous about my high numbers, what they mean, and what I need to do to correct them. 

I've also been told not to exercise until my body recovers a bit more from the stress of DKA, so I'm finding myself feeling increasingly trapped by my test results, the next time I have to eat, and whether or not I can measure the carbs going into my system. I'm even afraid to take an hour long nap in case something goes on while I'm asleep. 

My BG levels at a post-meal peak are fluctuating between 300-370 depending on the meal, but I am noticing much lower numbers between meals and have had some encouraging waking numbers in the range of 140-170 (not ideal, but certainly a big step from where I was in the hospital and immediately afterwards). 

I'm already thinking about CGM's and pumps to help keep things more level and potentially get me back to exercising (running, riding my mtn bike, etc.) but I know that will take time.

In the meantime, are the fluctuations and numbers I'm seeing just part of the learning process for my CDE and myself?  I hate the idea that I can have such imbalance, but it sounds like I need to relax about these higher numbers, work to stabilize them in a healthy manner, and go from there - which can take a little while, depending on the diabetic. 

I'd love to hear how anyone else got through this process!

Thanks - these boards are amazing - I hope I don't get too addicted to them, but I've been reading almost every thread here and on a couple of other great sites all week long - lots of hope and strength to draw from, and it's amazing to be able to pull up a website and be reminded of the others out there who are going through the same thing.






I realize this reply is a little late, but this is what i would say.

I completely understand where you are coming from with this trapped feeling. When i was first diagnosed, i went through the same thing (although i caught it before the hospital). The waking up at 3:00 he constant doctor calls and meetings, its all a part of the learning process. The numbers will eventually settle and even out as you continue the doctor meetings. Having said that, I would agree with what your CDE stated when they told you to not alter your lifestyle JUST because you have diabetes. There are MANY people who were diagnosed with diabetes and have not altered their lifestyle. Continue to be yourself, don't let diabetes slow you down keep on, keepin' on. It will eventually get to where it is second nature and you don't even realize that you are doing it!