Feeling Yucky

I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow. My insulin resistance started maybe 2 weeks ago or so? I was reallllly struggling with it at first. My blood was consistently high 100's and low 200's for about 2 weeks. I was taking about double my insulin for bolus and still required correction, but my correction doses never seemed to bring me below 150. Anyways, I have been testing like crazy and seem to have it better under control now. Problem is anytime I have an actual GOOD number as of lately (80-130 is my target) I feel horribly sick. It's almost like my body is acclimated to having higher numbers and now the NORMAL numbers feel awful to me. This has been going on for about 3 days. I was hoping my body would adjust to the lower numbers again, but it seems to be taking awhile. I'm tired of feeling nauseous when my BG is perfectly normal. Any thoughts? 

*hugs* Do you have an educator or nurse to talk to about this stuff? mine is a lifesaver. I felt this way when I first got pregnant because unfortunatly (smack myself in the head) I was pretty used to running high, so when I started working on my bgs I felt like hell for several weeks when my blood sugar was finally in a good range consistantly. It did eventually go away, but if took a few weeks :(