Fever/Cough Medicine?

Those with more experience than I...do you find it necessary to use sugar-free fever reducing and/or cough medicine when needed (of course)?  If you have used the regular sugar kind...do you notice a spike in blood sugar?

Just curious.  I use a humidifier for cough most of the time, but for sleeping, medicine just seems to help so much.  As to fevers, my son's break easily enough, but usually with the help of ibuprofen or tylenol.

I use the diabetic medicines too--One called Diabetic Tussin helps with fever/cough/cold without any extra sugar--tastes awful though. For the Tylenol and Motrin--since my son is 60 lbs--he can use the chewable tablets--and they have less sugar in them.


With the cough suppress/expectorant, my daughter has refused to use the diabetes tussin (the taste is awful-she had me taste it).  I give her the regular stuff and I have always needed to cover it with insulin.  It definitely, spikes my daughter's BG.

My daughter is now old enough to swallow capsules..so, we use Advil liqui-caps.  It took me awhile to feel comfortable, using a medicine that spiked her BG, but I know that there are times when a cough medicine is needed and there were times when she need the liquid pain relievers.



I give my daughter regular motrin/tylenol.  Her BG does not go high.  The first time I did it my doc. said to keep an eye on it.  It may affect some but not others.  You may have to try it to see what would happen with your child.

If your child goes high with the regular medicine, I think I saw sugar free motrin/tylenol.  Check it out. 

When Ethan is sick his blood sugars are out of wack anyway. It usually spikes up to two days before he is even sick. So I have to do frequent checks anyways. We did use diabetic tussin for a really bad cough, but he also uses a nebulizer. When just motrin or tylenol is needed we use regular. If ever anyone has to use steriods, be aware that med. reaks havick for sugars! Make sure your pediatrician consults with your Endo. That did not happen for us and we ended up bad for a minute. Ketones and stuff. Lots of extra bg and ketone pokes.