Fever with onset?

My oldest son was dx 10/14/15, we learned my youngest had antibodies and have been testing with TrialNet. He now has 5 of 5 antibodies. We occasionally test his blood sugars. He has been running a fever the last two days, with blood sugars going from 93 to 308. Wondering did anyone ever see fever before being diagnosed?? My oldest didn’t have the frequent urination or thirst. Mainly weight loss and very emotional. So symptoms to me aren’t allows the right on track.

Hi @K8Emomof3 Katie and welcome to TypeOneNation.

There are no hard and fast rules. Many report having a cold, flu, or other illness others, nothing. Keep up the occasional random testing probably at fasting and it’s all you can do except maybe find a clinical trial for pre-onset programs.

Good luck