Fiasp Feedback

I am interested in hearing about your experiences with Fiasp. When it was first released I tried it and found that the site would not absorb the insulin very well after 24 hours. At that time I was using Medtronic Quicksets.

Although I doubt it matters what set is being used but I am currently using Tandem’s Autosoft 90 XC.

I am so eager to have an insulin that peaks quicker than Humalog.

Are there any success stories out there using Fiasp in conjunction with a pump ?

It will stop working in the body sooner or later. The additive they put into the Novolog which makes it Fiasp is the culprit. Everyone that I know who uses it, including me, has to stop using it for a month or two and go back to Novolog every few months regardless of which pump they’re using. I mix 150 units of Fiasp with 150 units of Novolog in my Tandem cartridge and like clockwork, the insulin is not nearly as effective 30-60 days after using Fiasp continously.

There are loads of stories on blogs about Fiasp and how you can’t use it continually like Novolog or Humalog. A quick Google search will give you all the info you need.

It’s been my understanding that only Humalog and Novolog area approved for pumps. At least the TSLIM, although I thought that was the case for all. Has that changed?

Your observation is correct, Dori @wadawabbit.

That said, a while back I did an “off label use”, prescribed by a physician, on a trial basis in my MiniMed pump; after making suggested duration adjustments and some other setting tweaks. As I recall, the report I submitted mentioned Fiasp’s erratic behavior in my body, and my rejection for continued personal use. Other users had a more positive outlook.
Now that I’m using Control IQ which has insulin duration “locked” at five (5) hours, I don’t forsee that I will give Fiasp another try.

Actually back in October of last year the FDA approved use of Fiasp in insulin pumps. @wadawabbit @Dennis.

I was hoping that there were some people out there that found they could use it in a pump successfully. For now I will use it infrequently and only via injection for the instances where I need to quickly bring my blood sugar down from an extreme high.

One thing I love about this site - you learn something new all the time! Even if it’s not so new🤔…

Several months ago, I tried using Fiasp in my Medtronic 630 pump. It did work faster, but not much faster, for about a week. Then it was not faster. I stopped using it in my pump. I then used it with a syringe in my bicep when I had a high of 190+, so my BG would drop faster. I developed a rash and a big red spot around the injection site. It took several days for the rash and all the itching to stop. I will never use Fiasp again. I have used Humalog for 20+ years without a problem.
There is info about side effects when using Fiasp on the internet.

My daughter is 6 years old and has successfully been using Fiasp in her Omnipod pump for about 6 months. We are super happy with it and have not experienced any issues with poor absorption as others have indicated. What’s wonderful is that we used to have to do a 30 minute prebolus for breakfast (she is super insulin resistant in the morning!) but now we have been able to cut that to 15 minutes. Love it!

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My diabetologist, a T1 himself, uses Fiasp in his pump. I am 61 years T1. Tried Fiasp at his recommendation. I use as injection only. I do not use a pump.
My opinion. Very erratic absorption. Questioned whether I had a bad batch. I had tendency to stack insulin while I was using it. Not for me. Back to Novalog straight up!


i am Type 1 for 49 yrs. (I am 64 yrs old).

I have used Fiasp by injection for extremely High BS’s. I was not overly impressed by rapid onset, etc.-the reason I was trying. (I bought it in Canada without a prescription).

I use Tandem Control IQ (Humalog) since earlier this year. So I was “combining” two routes of insulin administration. I have basically dropped Fiasp subcutaneous. I never used Fiasp via pump.

This is great information. Thank you very much for responding to my post.