My daughter is 5 and has moved to Fiasp. We’re finding it doesn’t really have an effect when used for corrections, particularly when she is sleeping and also that she needs to be active for her bolus injections to work well.

Anyone have any experience of this in young children?


Hi @Father10 it sounds like a dose adjustment may be needed. Tell her doctor about your observations and see what they say. Good luck


Adam, are you using Fiasp in a pump? The wording sounded a little pumpish.

If you are using Fiasp in a Tandem pump, know it will cause occlusions and may interfere with proper dosing.

Hope this helps.


No we’re giving her Fiasp in a pen.


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I have the omnipod dash pump and use Fiasp. I’ve noticed lately that my pumps stop working. You wrote that the Fiasp causes a problem. Can you explain?

Hi, the fiasp was being used by my 5yo daughter. It’s not extensively studied in children and we found it to be very unpredictable when used for corrections, sometimes it would work very quickly and other times very very slowly. We moved back to Nova.

@springvalley ,

Randy, look up the term insulin fibrillation (Toward understanding insulin fibrillation - PubMed) where the molecular structure changes & clumps.

Tandem has restricted research & use of insulin in their pumps to Humalog & Novolog for this reason.

Hope this helps. BTW, @Father10 , you mentioned a child. If either of you are stateside and will be dealing with 504 diabetes accommodation plans, there is a new ‘504-Dabetes’ group formed at Facebook. Look it up.


My Endo is switching me to Lyumjev. Any thoughts on it?

Thanks that 504 plan is really useful. We’re in the UK and have something similar but only to age 11. Post that the kids are on their own which really worries me as a parent.