Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Centers

Hello.  I am a T1 diabetic w/ 33 years under my belt.  I suffer from constant and chronic fatigue.  My endo says my thyroid is fine, my A1c's are generally good, and my cardiologist has said my fatigue isn't heart related.  I've had a sleep study done, am on CPAP, but still suffer from fatigue.  I've gone to a Psychiatrist who specializes in sleep related disorders and he hasn't been able to solve the problem with Rx's (like Ritalin or Ambien).

While looking for a complete, overall, big picture evaluation, I came across the Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Centers (located throughout the US).  When I went for their "complimentary consultation", they wanted to construct a yearlong treatment program (at about $6K) based on a lot of lab results (40 vials of blood).  I told them I'd do the labs and then hear what their "customized program" would be for me.  I told them I didn't want to commit to anything until I got the lab results, their analysis and recommendations, and a second opinion from my endocrinologist.  They said that was fine but that it would cost me the labs plus $500.00 for an appt. to get their opinion and plan (which they'd credit towards the $6K if I did their program).

Is anyone familiar with these clinics?  Have you used them?  Do you know of any other places to go for a COMPLETE evaluation for a problem that isn't readily apparent? 


I don't know anything about these treatment centers, but I have had similar problems in the past five years.  My doctor thinks it's related to my overwhelming amount of health problems...  Neuropathy is one of them, and probably the hardest to deal with.  He put me on Amitriptyline and Neurontin and now I'm sleeping better sometimes and not quite as fatigued during the day.  I don't think I was very helpful with your question, but good luck and I hope you figure it out:)

Thank you for your input, Jana.  I met with my Endocrinologist here in Seattle and his opinion was to NOT go to this place.  He told me it's an unusual approach that he doesn't think is effective.  I'm going with his opinion.  He's an excellent doctor and VERY well respected!  I did get an adrenal stress test today and a lab for Celiac disease (not able to absorb gluten) so I'll see what happens with that.  Good luck!