Fight for a Cure Fundraiser

I have had an idea for this fundraiser for about a year now, but because of my hectic schedule, havn't been able to put my plans in motion yet. Being a dancer for the last 14 years has enabled me to meet many professional dancers. So my overall plan was to have a big dance show kind of thing (in St. Louis, MO), and have all these amazing dancers come dance. All profits would go toward diabetic research/ JDRF.

So my question is, has anyone held an event like this? Or been to one? It doesn't have to be dance related, just a fundraier-show type of thing! I just wanted some advice as to make it as profitable as possible so I can raise money for our cure! Please help!!! :)

that is a great idea!

Is there anybody I should email or contact from JDRF that would be able to help me do this correctly? I mean is there any kind of protical because of the money I would be donating and such?? I just don't want to mess it up! lol

Any ideas to get the word out to make the event bigger?? If I'm gonna do this I want to do it big! haha

Your best bet is to call your local JDRF office and ask for the marketing or events person.

as someone who works in the arts field, something like this takes a lot of planning. seeing as you're only 17, you would need to have either someone from JDRF involved as the main person or another adult. not to put you off of the idea(i think it's great), but venues and performer's managers won't deal with any under the age of 30 in this industry. too risky.

you will also need a LOT of money to get it started, as you have to pay a deposit for the venue(even if they donate the venue so you don't pay rent), money to cover crew and staff, and you will have to pay the preformers(no, they won't do it for free just because it's a fundraiser for the most part) and have enough to cover any costs. Fundraisers like this don't always make much it costs a lot to put the fundraiser on. another reason you should get your local JDRF office involved.

okay that makes sense! My aunt is helping me fund, organize, and run the event. She is big in the medical field, as is most of my family, so that is hopefully going to help me! Thanks so much for the advice! :)

Shelby that is a really, really great idea! :)

Thanks Kalin! Any interest in helping me??? Aunt debbie is helping me with some stuff already. Now all I gotta do is contact the JDRF people and see what they say. I emailed Jaimie Goodwin a long time ago and she said she would be more than happy to come perform or teach! : )

Yes, I would definitely help! I don't know how much help I would be, though! :)

That's alright! I might just need another person to help with ideas and some organizing stuff! haha I will let you know though! : )

Okay! :)