Figured a way to make G6 sensor insertion work

My husband had to have his G6 sensor replaced about 3 times because the sensor got stuck in the applicator and wouldn’t come out when the orange button was pressed. I think we figured how to make it work. First, prep the area that you want the G6 sensor to be placed with alchohol. Get your transmitter cleaned with alcohol and dried. After removing the paper covering from the bottom of the G6 sensor applicator, you need to use the thumb, and the middle & ring finger that is holding the sensor applicator, to press hard inward on each side of the sensor applicator, while holding it… Keep putting pressure on those 2 areas (one on each side of the sensor applicator), and then at the same time, use the pointer finger from the other hand to press the orange button to release the sensor into your skin. That was what we tried to make the G6 sensor applicator release the sensor with no trouble. I hope that this has solved our problem that we’ve been having of getting the G6 sensor applicator to release the sensor.