Figuring Carbs in a Favorite Holiday 'RECIPE'

With the Holidays approaching.....and many of us baking our 'favorite Holiday' Recipes.....I wanted to pass along this 'Recipe Calculator' news!  The 'Track3' Diabetes Device allows you to enter your Recipe, ingredient by ingredient, to show you the Nutritional breakdown of the Total Recipe!  Then you can 'Save' the Recipe and lookup the 'individual serving' Carbs, etc. when eating!  It sure comes in handy!

I bake a Pumpkin Bread Recipe every year at this time, and my son, JL, who has T1 Diabetes loves it ~  with the help of the 'Track3' I am now able to bake it knowing JL can enjoy it too!!!  

For more information on this GREAT Device :   For any questions please feel free to call me at  281-728-5451

Enjoy your Holidays!!!   


Hi Dar,

Really cool. I never heard of these devices before. (Where have I been?) The CalorieSmart Mini is the only one that fits my budget right now. Would that get the job done?

HI Trish!  The reason you didn't know about these Devices, is because they are fairly NEW and 'not on the market' anywhere!  I have been busy as the National Distributor to 'share' these Devices with others in hopes of 'simplifying' their lifes...because I live with the challenges of Diabetes  'daily' too with my son JL!  

To answer your question about the CS Mini.....You can Look up Foods for Carbs, etc. as well as  Save Favorites and Meals, but you cannot 'LOG" anything.  The CS Mini does NOT have the 'Recipe Calculator' or any of the other Diabetes Functions like the 'Track3' does.  The CS Mini is strictly a Food Data Base for Carb/Calorie reference....but could still be used for that feature, especially if your son has a Pump?  

Please let me know if I can help or answer any further questions for you!  I'm always here to help others in any way I can.  I also give back to Diabetes Charities thru my website!  Thanks!

Hello Dar, I am Biagio from Italy, Milam and i am a new member.

Let me say WOW , what a wonderful tools you have in USA.

Many thanks for suggestion , i will visit website for sure and let you know.



Hi Biagio!

So glad you found the Juvenation is great!!!  I have enjoyed all the wonderful friends I have met thru this

site, as well as the 'great information' that others share!  My goal is to HELP others 'Simplify' their life with the use

of these great Devices!  I wish I had known about them 6 years ago when my son, JL, was first diagnosed with T1 Diabetes! 

Please let me know if you have any questions or need my help!  We DO SHIP to ITALY, so you can Order Online at my

Website @  if you desire!  In fact, we just shipped a 'Track3' last week to Italy!  

Thanks so much and good luck!