Finally decided to "cowgirl up" with diabetes

So today at work i had absolutely no energy whatsoever. When i got home i checked my bs for the first time in three days and it said HI. ya so i don't feel so great and i want to get this all back where its supposed to be. its just so hard when i'm on the go 24/7.  bbut i need to just deal with it

Do you carry your testing supplies/needles with you?

no i don't but i think i need to/

Yah, just throw a bag together and check every once in a while, especially if you're feeling off. That will help BIG time.

ya i just totally hate shots!! how weird is that :/ but i get tired of it so fast

I know lol are you on Lantus? that could be the problem, background insulin

ya i am. but its lower than it used to be cause my bs drops at night. but during the day its still really high. i think i need to take something like in the AM with breakfast besides just humalog or something

This is where a pump comes in handy lol I'm trying to dig back to my old shot training here...


You could always try having a snack before bed, to keep your Lantus up for during the day but your bg up for during the night...

ya a pump would make my whole year :)  lol and i could try that. but i',m not good at snacks :S  like what kind of a snack??

I would start off with 15 carbs if I were you. Just have like a piece of bread or a granola bar, for example. If you still go low, try 20 carbs.

Or, try playing with your dinner carb-to-insulin ratio; that may help as well.

haha funny story.... i kinda forgot like all my ratios....oops

OMG what do you mean LOL

that i've been guessing everything for like 2 months?? and trial and error.. if i take 2 untis for a slice of pizza i am really high...with 3 units... its normal...still high but much lower...and if i'm high two hours later i take insulin... i remember my sliding scale but thats it...

Oh, my dear, dear friend.

I think you are in the need of a little Diabetes 101 again ;)

Do you count carbs, or just guess? Yikes, I'm afraid to ask what your A1c is lol

lol i guess most of the time... and ya you're gonna freak... a month ago it was 11.2

Oh. Oh. Dear.

You up for Crash Re-D-Course, girl? cuz it's a-comin' lol

lol ok lets go for it :)


Pizza is 40 carbs a slice, usually. What sounds familiar, 1 unit/10 carbs?? You have to start with your ratios somewhere.

i think it was one to ten for everything but breakfast and i dont remember that one

You could just start with that as a standard. Or go meet with your Dr to figure it out lol.


Your meter should never, ever read HI :(