Finally Pregnant

I am finally pregnant!  I am 6 weeks tomorrow and scared out of my mind.  I just got back from a cruise to the carribean and of course I ate like a horse the whole time....for the whole week and then I found out in miami airport!  So I am super scared because I was reading that now is when the nervous system and organs begin to form...i am so scared my higher blood sugars (200-260) are going to harm my little one.  I ordered that book by Cheryl from Amazon so I am hoping that will shed more light on my fears than what to expect when you are expecting.  I have my first ultra sound next thursday.  I am also way paranoid about gaining tons of weight and having my baby be to big



I've never had a baby so I can't give you any advice. But I just wanted to say congrats!

Congrats to you, Nicole!  I've read the book too, and found it a good source of information.  Just do the best you can - that's all you can do, anyway.

I'm assuming if you've got an ultra sound appointment you've talked to your endo? they will be able to give you some tips and recommend a OB for you, which is really important.

My endo has always told me it's better to plan a pregnancy, but if something happens and I haven''s not the end of the world. I've been told the most important thing is to get you sugars on track asap from when you actually find out in situations where the pregnancy has not been planned for 6months prior to conceiving.

Diabetics have healthy babies every day, so I wouldn't worry too much (that also won't help your levels or the baby!) as long as you do your best with your levels and meet with your diabetic team (OB, Endo, Family Doctor) on a regular basis.

As for eating too much, I think you should be more concerned about eating healthy as oppose to "eating too much" and keeping as active as possible. it will help you not gain weight and ensure both you and the baby are getting what you need.


PS congrats =)

yay! many, many congratulations to you :o)

Congrats !!



I ran super high for 2-3 days during implantation (before I knew I was pregnant) and could NOT get my sugars down. I mean, 200 - 350 for 2 days which is highly unusual for me. And, my son's organs were all fine. I'm not recommending that approach. (; But, it turned out fine. Hopefully you'll get some reassuring info from your doctors.

All you can do is just take it from here. With every normal ultrasound, I'm sure it will relax your fears!

Let us know if you have d-pregnancy questions!

Just wanted to join the group and say, Congratulations!!! Wishing nothing but the best for you and your baby!!!!!!

Thank you. 

Yes I am trying to get my BS down and I am actually going to have a conversation with my Endo about a pump next week.  I have a UTI though and I didn't even know I had it??? Any experience with that?


First of all congratulations to you!!  You are lucky if you didn't know you have a UTI!  They are pretty painful! 

Congratulations and best of luck!

Aw!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  So, I don't have any advice as I am still trying to have my first...But, I'm sure your endo and OBGYN will let you know how to not only care for your developing baby, but how to care for yourself in terms of your diabetes.  

Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!

Oh, how exciting for you! I know you are scared, but try to enjoy this wonderful time in your life.  Just remember that EVERY woman is scared at this point, diabetic or not! Trust your doctors. and try to steer clear of other womens' "horror" stories! Every body is different, so every pregnancy is different.  Also, if you have never been on a pump, now might not be a good time to start on one.  Going on pump therapy takes months to get the proper settings at an optimal level.  I may be wrong, but the added uncertainties that a pregnancy brings with hormonal changes, etc. may not be the best time to try insulin pump therapy.  Again, I could be wrong!

Anyway, relax and enjoy this time.  Before you know it you will have a beautiful baby in your arms. 



Thank you so much, yes I kind of had that thought about the pump...wondering if I may do more damage to my body trying to get it figured out then if I had been on it before I was prego.  I have heard tons of horror stories and everyone has told me different things on what to eat and what not to eat.,..kind of frustrating.

I hope you are is good to know that my fears are normal.  I just dont want to be responsible for some problem that my child could have in result of my blood sugars :(

That's wonderful news!! Good Luck.

I'm happy for you.  I wish you the very best.

Thank you so has been cool and scary so far

If you're taking Lisinopril or any other ACE inhibitor, stop immediately until you talk to your doctor.  It's linked to birth defects.

Try a pump.  It only took me about a week to adjust.  Pregnancy was so much easier with one and makes it easy to adjust for extra food, hormonal insulin resistance, etc.

In the beginning of my pregnancy I also used a CGM for a few days.  Helped to fine tune when I needed to adjust my insulin rates.  I didn't use it any longer (made me feel like an android to have both a pump and a CGM).  Thanks to the pump and the extra care I took because of my baby-to-be I maintained a 5.1 A1c  (normal for me is between 6-7) and have a perfectly healthy son. 

Congratulations to you on this exciting new time in your life!



Jenna, Thanks

I was only on Symlin so I have been off of Lisinopril for 4 months now.  I was told that the pump took  months for your body to adjust to?  How far along were you when you started the pump?

Congratulations! Just do the best you can, no one can predict what will happen, every person is different. Good luck, it must be so exciting! I hope one of these days I will be able to say the same thing up here!