Several of you have been checking with me about the status of Brandan starting a pump. Well, his OneTouch Ping is on the way and will be here Monday! Brandan chose a blue (Spider-Man) pump and green (Hulk) infusion sets and a pump pak with a big train on it. :) His face lit up when I told him it''s coming in the mail in a few days!

YAYYYY!  So exciting...I hope it works out well for Brandan!  I personally love my pump, most of the time anyways :)

Wonderful news!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear how him and you are doing with it!!!! Little man will only have to have a set change every 3 days, that will be so much better.

That's great! That is the pump I have and I love it, and the matching meter remote is a big plus for me:)

Yes! The remote was a big selling point for me. I look forward to pushing a button to give him insulin instead of making him stop what he's doing and going through the whole routine of the injection. Also, the Ping offers the smallest basal rate increments. He is sensitive to insulin and these small doses are going to make a huge difference for him. I think we will struggle for a short time, but I know it will work out. :)

Congrats to him and you!

The Ping arrived today as promised! We'll be going for the training and saline start THIS FRIDAY!!!!!! Yay! Brandan is extremely excited. He knows what everything is, what it does and where it goes. :)

That's great!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't  wait to hear how little man does with his pump. Heck I don't have one. LOL