So I found out yesterday that I will finally have my second surgery to remove my the right side of my thryoid and the thyroid cancer as well. And I'm relieved and scared at the same time. I'm relieved cause I've been fighting with the dr's about having the rest of the cancer removed as they don't want to take it out and they want me to wait until Feb. 2011 for another ultra sound to monitor the progress of the cancer's progression before having it removed. Which really ticked me off. I'm sorry but my belief is that I'm already dealing with a "diease" that is alot of work mentally, emotionally and physically. And then adding Thryoid Cancer on top and telling me not to worry about the cancer, and one will not affect the other. What the dr's didn't know is that I the worring kind of person(I know and I'm surprised that I don't have an ulcer yet!!). So walking around with the knowledge that I have cancer and the since the 1st surgery(June 2009) I was having alot of problems with BS and trying to stay as level as possible. But anyway the past yr and half have been hell for me with other problems and complications coming to light and Dr's telling me that these problems/complications are a not really happening. And now I am finally getting the surgery that I've been fighting so hard for to get back on the right track with my health. And the fear is that after this surgery what if the problems/complications happen again or are worst, but my BF reminds me that that might not happen. So for now I'm trying to air on his side and not show that I'm still afarid no matter what anyone says for approx. 1 yr after this surgery.

I am being admitted tomorrow for testing before surgery and having the surgery friday morning and hopefully being released friday night(lets hope!!!!!).

Sorry for the rant at the beginning I just needed to tell someone and I don't anyother T1's here and so I wanted to tell all of you since you might be able to understand me a little better than others that have no experience with either "situation".


I'm glad you shared!  Though none of us can be with you in person, we're still here for you in spirit.  Sending lots of e-hugs (as I've heard some people say) your way!  I can't even imagine how difficult this must be for you, trying to deal with the cancer on top of D.  I'm glad you feel like the doctors are finally listening and doing what you want by removing the cancer.

Good luck with everything, and please keep us posted!  I will be sending positive vibes your way!

Thanks for sharing all of this, CJ.  I hope everything goes swimmingly, and we'll look forward to hearing that you're on the road to recovery!

Good luck, CJ. We'll all keep you in our thoughts. Sending you lots of hugs and hoping for a speedy recovery :o)

Thank you everyone for the well wishes. I came home yesterday from the hospital and doing well, still pretty tired but still doing great.

I'll pop in again when not so tired in a day or so, just wanted to let all of you know that things are great and I'm feeling all the hugs and wishes from here!!!! ;-)

Very good to hear, CJ! Rest up and good luck on your speedy recovery :o)

CJ, your attitude and your calm are remarkable! I admire you for that, and I am sure it helps you mentally, and probably physically too. Good luck in the months ahead!

Glad to hear things went well, CJ!!  I hope you can rest and start to feel better soon!