Finals and D and ranting

So, finals are stressful. We all know finals are stressful - but I feel like it's unreasonable that as soon as finals get stressful, everything D-related gets 15x as stressful as usual.

Today, I pulled out a sensor that I've had in since wednesday - it bled a whole let when i put it in, and i just carried on and hoped it would be okay. the numbers were way off and starting this morning, it was sending shooting pains through my arm, so i took it out. then i put another in, on the other arm, and again hit the wrong spot apparently, cuz it hurt every time i moved it (and i also was bumping it into my side. oops) and i just couldn't face leaving it in - it was clear it wasn't going to stop hurting. so i took it out, waited a few hours, and started looking for somewhere else to put one. 

now, i am not a skinny person. i'd say i have more than average flab, especially on my stomach. unfortunately, I HATE having things on my stomach. they get in the way, my pants rub on them and make them hurt and/or come off, and i feel like i have to see them every time i look in the mirror - where as if somethings on my arm, leg, or back, i can just ignore it most of the time. 

but i apparently have very few spots on my body where i have enough flab for it to be reasonable to put the dexcom sensor. so that was stressful, and i called my mom crying, and she was totally unhelpful. (side note: i envy people who were diagnosed before they moved out. my mom knows nothing about diabetes, and doesn't seem to be interested in learning except from me - i'll send her link to pages that can tell her about things, and she won't look at them, and then when i ask if she looked at them, she'll ask me if i'll just explain. but i don't want to spend hours of my life devoted to explaining things to my mom. i already think about D for hours every day - i don't want to spend twice as long trying to make my mom understand. But i also wish she weren't so oblivious. )

i finally compromised and put it on my side, sort of, where it still gets in the way of my pants and moves funny when i move, but i don't see it in the mirror automatically.

i really love having the CGM - i feel so much more in control, and I love testing 3-4x/day instead of 10-12x/day, which is why i'm even bothering. but now i have one REALLY gnarly bruise: 

and one sensor in an annoying spot, and in the midst of all this, haven't gotten ANY work done. 

It's been a long day. 


OMG!  That is wicked!  Owww!

Have you called Dexcom to see if they'll replace the sensors?  If they weren't reading correctly, you might convince them... except they were in your arm.  Crap.  They can only tell you to use the abdomen, since that's the only area the FDA has thusfar approved.  Well, you could try it anyway and see what happens.

Have you tried your lower back/side?  I like that area because, as you pointed out, you don't have to look at it all the time...  and I don't tend to bump it as much.  Just an idea.

Hope this new sensor works out for you.  It's totally frustrating when your robot parts won't comply.

Yeah, I was thinking I might lie and say it was in my abdomen. Or neglect to mention it... 

Also, the amount of adhesive on the dexcom is unreasonable. Yeah, it stays on for a week +, but then it takes 4 unisolve wipes and ten minutes to get the stickiness off of me. 

I am very ranty tonight. Sorry! 

that bruise looks like a pacman on steroids!!  haha

Very impressive bruise! New wallpaper on your computer?

When I called dexcom today (sensor reading 74 when my meter said 37 -- yikes!!), they asked me where the sensor was before sending a replacement. I guess you'd have to decide how you feel about "bending" the truth.

That's too bad w/ your Mom. I was diagnosed at 4, but I've lived away from home for 14 years, so my Mom is in almost the same boat, except she still remembers what the normal range of BG should be...

Good luck with finals!!