Financial assistance for prescriptions and supplies

Does anyone have any advice on how to find funding options (grants, financial aid) for medical costs? The insurance I have does not have a deductible on prescriptions and medical supplies. I am responsible for 60% of the cost of each prescription and order (pump supplies)! I was denied individual coverage (I didn't qualify for COBRA or State continuation because I was at my last job for under 6 months) and am on a state high risk pool, but they don't cover anything :( Every other insurance I have ever had offered a prescription deductible, which was a lot more manageable, don't know how I am going to afford my insulin at 160 a month, 

I've not found any great resources.  If you have a doctor, ask for free samples.  They typically have lots to give away.  When I haven't had insurance I've switched to the less effective insulins (like Regular instead of Humalog or Novolg) because it's less expensive and used the generic Walmart or Walgreens meters because the test strips are less expensive.

Try to contact your insulin companies Patient Assistance Program.  All pharma companies have them, many people do not use them. Your doctors office should have some sample contact you primary care doctor and endo both will have insulin. What state do you live in? Many states have additional programs for T1D.