Financial Help

I don’t have insurance, and need to order Quickset infusion sets and resevoirs. any tips on how to get samples or discounts, or anything to help?

@rikitiki109, I put your question on our social media sites to try and help you! I hope someone will respond!


Are you asking for donations? I don’t think Medtronic is going to give you anything they are in business to make money not to give away product unfortunately.

While it might be illegal I have some silhouette infusion sets that you can have.

Medtronic does give a small discount for credit card purchases with no insurance filing. Last year when I didn’t have insurance, it was about $30-35 on a one month supply of Quicksets and reservoirs. You have to watch out though. Sometimes when there is no insurance to file, the order gets stalled in the processing insurance stage. You have to call and prompt them to move beyond that.
I also stretched by changing out every 4 days instead of 3.

The no insurance discount was the type of thing I am looking for, thanks for the tip! Any other ideas are welcome!