Finding a balance

I seem to be cyclical when it comes to my diabetes control. I've had Type 1 for 17 years, and I know the drills. But sometimes, I just get overwhelmed by it and how it fits into my daily schedule. Basically, my parents kept me in control throughout high school, and then I was on my own in college. Now in graduate school, I'm on a rollercoaster. There are times where my control is great, and then I start to loosen my control, and then I tighten my control. On and off, on and off. I suppose I'm the type of person that lets things get to me (ie, my thesis work, family issues, etc), and that makes me distracted/not willing to take care of my diabetes.

Does anyone have any suggestions on maintaining steady control or hints on how to stick with it??

I have been Type 1 for a month.  I was originally misdiagnosed at Type 2 six years ago.  I can TOTALLY relate to your rollercoaster.  There are times when I am right on top of it and my numbers look great for days.  Then life will jump up and bite me in the butt and for the next week I'm scrambling to try to get back on track.  What I usually do to help is to remember that I can't do what I want to do if I'm not feeling good, and paying attention to my control helps me to feel good.  Does it work all the time? No.  But you have to start somewhere, right?

I've had type 1 for almost 10 years and am 22 now.  It sucks but the best way, hands down, to have good control is writing everything down.  Even if you don't really have time throughout the day, just scribble it down before you hit the sheets.  I write down when I check and what I'm eating or if I'm exercising.  I tried the program on my meter but I like being able to look at all of my info at a glance.  It's great to have for refrence.  Sticking with it is another takes a lot of discipline.  It's also good to have the people around you the most to know how your control is doing.  My best friend is kind of my accountability partner of sorts.  Having someone remind you can be annoying but very helpful in the long run.

good luck :)

Oh girl! I hear ya... I experience the same.. its like.. I know I need to check my sugar and even when I'm eating.. i'm like.. I should have checked my sugar to know how much insulin to give.. but do I still do it... No!

Its amazingly retarded how we can fool ourselves to think that we dont have to take care of it.. but we do fool ourselves!! Because the moment that we take the bite of the yummy cheese danish, or shrimp pasta at Olive Garden, or late ice cream during the summer, (whatever food it may be that wins you over) we still eat it! then we get caught up with life ie; school, work, relationships, and we dont take care of it properly.

  • Buts its really just a matter of starting over in a sence. Start over with a clean slate:
  • Check when I wake up
  • Check before I eat.
  • Give Insulin
  • Check before go to bed
  • Remember....... we really dont have to eat those M&M's/Skittles/RedBull.... Just eat what we need.. but if we do want some M&M's/Skittles/RedBull.... must back it up with Insulin!


Sorry, this is how I had to pep myself up.. because, shit, its only me who is going to take care of me! (sorry for the lovely word, but its true!)



Like most of the others who have replied, I also fluctuate on my level of control. I know there is always more I can do better, but what I have done lately is try to pinpoint my weaknesses and ask my loved ones to help me overcome those weaknesses. For instance, I crave potato chips when I am low, but that is probably the worst thing to eat because it does not fix the low and only causes highs in a few hours. So, I told my husband and daughter to yell at me when I eat potato chips. My daughter has been a huge help on that one. Oh, and I try not to buy chips too often anymore. I know that piece of advice won't ensure tight control forever, but it's one little trick that might help improve control.