Finding insurance [self-employed, NYC]

Hi everyone,

This November I’ll turn 26 and age off my parents’ health insurance. I live in New York City and am self-employed, so I won’t have an employee plan I can join. I’m not looking to find a new job.

My only prescriptions are the Tandem T-Slim X2 insulin pump, Dexcom G6 sensors, and Humalog. I’ve been T1D since age 3 and my control is really good, so I rarely need to see a doctor about anything diabetes-related.

I’m wondering if anyone has advice about navigating the insurance market (are there particular companies you recommend?), ways to get cheap insulin/supplies, or any tips if you’ve been in the same situation. I’m aware that most (non-diabetic) young people aim for plans with the cheapest possible premiums and high deductibles, but I’m assuming I’ll need to be somewhere in the middle given the cost of all the prescriptions mentioned above.

Thanks so much!

Hi @MilesHewitt good to hear from you again. I am pretty sure the “market” is still open where you can see the plans and the premium costs. I think you can take a look at all the consumables for the pump (infusion sets) Misc like your other testing supplies, and insulin and CGM parts and with that yearly cost, be able to figure out if any plan could both continue your coverage and save you money. Plans differ wildly for example I have BCBS through work and it’s crazy different than a BCBS plan you can buy on the market.

With your current costs known, this is something you can calculate. Cheers and good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Hi @MilesHewitt. Congratulations on your own business and for doing so well with your diabetes. Here’s a link to a somewhat similar post - the writer find some very helpful coupons and discounts to keep prices down - you’ll penalty have to scroll through the responses.
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