Finding ways

I’m struggling to find ways to keep me motivated and keep me on track with my sugar levels…I try to make a chart to manage my sugar but with my depression it makes me not want to do anything. Anyways what ways did you come up to help you? I would like to know and see if it would work for me.


I hear ya on that struggle. My first suggestion would be to see if it’s time to mess with Depression meds (if you’re on any). They always need tweeting every now and then.

Whatever you do, Do NOT do what I did! What’s that? I went into DKA. Yeah and it wasn’t pretty. I though my IBS was running amok. Baring that, I think the first step would be to start one thing at a time, and the first thing would be to check your BG’s regular. I’m not talking about making drastic changes. But by starting with you BG then you can make informed decisions. And also if you mark them down on the chart you made you will start to see patterns develop. You may notice that when you BG’s are in range you feel better then when they aren’t and that can be a motivator in of itself.

I should try doing my chart again, it did help a lot but my depression towards diabetes got me to feel like giving up on everything.

Hi Zey, I was diagnosed when I was 11 y/o, and I’m 39 this year. my parents were the only reason I fought Type One DM when I was young, I hated the whole world but I saw the way they tried to make my life with T1DM better, I could not let them down, I told myself if it’s not for me, I will live for them. I understand your down, and I still have those days, and I’m still struggling, it is NOT EASY. Maybe to think about your love ones? and definitely try to mess with depression meds or see if there is another endocrine disease that’s influencing the whole thing. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

hey I’m new here names janiece I’ve lived with t1d for 12 years and life just goes on lol I’m 25 now and its how you deal with it truly I still have struggles everyday hoping I have good sugars or eating right I realize I am not going to be ok all the time I deserve treats every now and then but then do your best!!!