First A1C Experience

My 3 year old is going in for her 1st A1C test since she was diagnosed.  She was a wreck when they drew blood at the hospital when diagnosed, any ideas on how to make this not such a traumatic event for her?  Thanks, Michelle

Hi Michelle,

To make it easier for the technician (and thus for her ) have her drink A LOT of water before going in.  (you may have to visit the bathroom a few times).  and keep her arms warm.  They used to always have trouble finding Lucas' veins, a technician told me these tips and it worked, they get him right away.  We are in and out in 5 min.  Lucas had just turned 3 when D, now is almost 6.  He still hates to have blood drawn but doesn't cry or fuss anymore, I guess they just get used to it.  Afterwards, I try to make it fun alone time with him.  (he is the middle of 3).



They only do a fingerstick for the A1C at my docs office--They have this little cartridge that picks up the drop of blood, then they insert it in a tabletop instrument and the results are sone in 5 mins. Call the local labs to see if they have this--and maybe you can take your child there--much less traumatic!!!



Yes, Kathy's endo uses her lancet to draw the small amount of blood they need.