First being diagnosed

i don't know if it was just at my school and the kids were really cruel but when i was first diagnosed in kindergarten some kids told everyone that diabetes was contagious. and everyone believed him until i was in like 3rd grade and i only became friends with her at first because she was my neighbor and them she started to attend my school. but every once an awhile i still meet people who don't want to accept that i have diabetes and that i cant function properly if my numbers are out of whack (for example: if i'm low during a test i want to do my best so ill go to the office and then make it up later but they all think i use my diabetes as an excuse to have more time to study)and they make fun of me for it... and I'm a junior in high school. soo i thought i would throw that out there because i really am curious to find out if the schools i go to are filled with cruel people who wont take the time to understand what i go through or if it happens to other people too.

unfortuanately it happens everywhere.  The most common problem behind this cruelty is misconceptions.  I hate dealing with the, because once people think they know something they are usually not very open to hearing they are wrong.  I got the same thing at my school about the tests.  I actually had to threaten my school with a law suit once because they were harrassing me enough about my class schedule that it was screwing up my blood sugars.  But I'm here if you need someone to talk to you, or even if you need some advice on how to handle things...Ive been there and been through it.  I survived and I hope i can help you make it through too!

thanks. the thing is the people who belived that guy in elementary school still dont talk to me....12 years later. its just frustrating. i lost one of my best guy friends because he decided to be a jerk and say i got out of my history final because i was over 500 and at that point i couldnt see straight.

thats the only thing i have ever hated about diabetes.

I am so sorry that you have had to endure that.  The school my son goes to has been extraordinary in supporting his diagnosis.  The teachers are partners in his care, he has a resource teacher who helps monitor his numbers and alerts me if there are any changes, supplies needed.  His teachers have let him teach the class about T1 and how it affects him and has made it a postive for him instead of a negative.  He is looked at as a hero for dealing with this difficult disease instead of an oddball.

There are times when it really affects his interactions at school and his school work, but all in all I have been thrilled with how careful everyone has been.

Again, I am really saddened by the ignorance you have had to deal with - please know that you are a hero in my eyes.

I understand...It was like that at first whenever I was diagnosed in 8th grade--well, at least the low/test/study part. 

Since beginning high school, my teachers and principal are very accepting...If I am low, they allow me to get juice, etc. to raise it..If I am high, they allow me to do the necessary things in order to correct it...Sometimes, I even get to change my site in class, but only in english/spanish (my teacher is okay with it.) Most of the people in my school are very accepting of it. :)