First day of pump today - child - adhesive/skin prep/pain discomfort at insertion site


My son started pump today - age 7.5.  So far going okay, thanks to God. 

Does anyone use a skin prep (antibacterial) before inserting the infusion set?

He complained a little about it hurting today - I think he is just getting used to it.

Also does anyone use an adhesive on their kids to help the infusion set stick on?  And if you do, does it make it harder to get off, or do you have to follow any special steps to avoid pain when taking it off (if you have put on the adhesive)?

Thanks :)


I use skin prep before insertion.  It also helps the set stick better.  But if you're still having trouble with them sticking, use Skin Tac - it will definitely stick with that!  If you use Skin Tac, there will be some discomfort when removing.  However, in order to gently remove infusion set adhesives, you can use Remove wipes on the top of the adhesive and allow it to soak in for a few minutes.  It will loosen the tape.

You should also call the pump company and see what they recommend.

If he continues to have pain with his current set, it may need to be moved.  Every so often, I put one in a bad spot (not enough fatty tissue) and the pain is continuous until I move it.



Ok so I have had a pump since 1996 and I never use a skin prep.  Unless your using a ton of tape on an Omnipod system you shouldn't need any extra cleaner or adhesive.  They stick so well.  I have run marathons with the adhesive sticking perfectly.  I also have a 9 year old who's had a pump for 4 years.  We never use any skin prep. They have much tender skin than adults do. We just clean the site with a baby wipe let it dry and insert it.  When it comes out we clean it with a baby wipe and sometimes put a dab of neosporin on it if it is sore or tender to her. It is not a sterile procedure to place a site so just having it nice and clean is great.  We have never had a site infection or a site fall off.  Best of luck!  Jewels

i use the adhesive for my pump and i just stick it on there and when its time i just take it off it doesnt hurt me at all when i do it and when i first got on the pump i had alot of discomfort so i put some ice on it and it help(i still do it to this day) but u dont have to follow any special steps. and he might not like it now but it gets better...JUST HANG IN THERE :) Good Luck

I've found that when I put my site on my stomach or arms, I have to use extra adhesive to keep it from falling out.  However, when I put it on my backside it sticks perfectly.  I use Mastisol when I need extra adhesion, but it's REALLY sticky so if you use it be careful not to spill any.  It comes with a removal product called Detachol.  

Sometimes sites hurt...for me it usually hurts when the area around the cannula becomes bruised.  Sadly, not all sites are created equal, but I think as he gets more used to it it won't bother him as much. 

Hi Joanna,

My son is 5, we have been pumping for about a year and a half. He has the Animas Ping and uses the Inset 30 sites. The cannula goes in at an angle - we picked it because my son is thin and doesn't have a lot of fat to put sites into.

I always use an alcohol wipe to prep the sites. I also was using IV PREP to help with stickiness but certain lots of that are recalled, so for right now, I'm just using the alcohol wipe. The sites usually last 3 days. I usually just peel it off (like a bandaid, go fast!) I used to use some adhesive remover and while it did let the site peel off pretty quickly, it seemed like it left the adhesive on his skin and he'd get a big 'fuzzy' patch on the old sites. You can wipe off residual adhesive with an alcohol wipe, but I find if I just peel the site off, I don't have to do that. I don't notice much of a difference in andhesion right now, but it isn't summer so my son is not getting very sweaty or wet on a daily basis. :)

When my son complains that a site is hurting, I usually will check for a problem. If it is right after I put it in, I wait for a while, it can hurt some when it goes in. He often says that it hurts at first and then it goes away. If after a day or so, if my son says his site is hurting - especially when insulin is given (like for a meal) then I change the site right away. It has meant in the past that the site is getting infected or there is some other problem with it. I have found it will get worse, so just change it if it starts to hurt.

I also am finding we have fewer problems with sites on his backside than on his tummy. Again, he is really thin, so his tummy sites are tough because I feel we are only going into skin, there is little if any fat. On his butt, I think it goes into some fat and he seems to handle it better.

Good luck, it will take a little while to be really comfortable with the pump, but it is such a blessing for us. (Also, if you haven't already, check out the Tummy Totes from They are great for active little boys (and girls!) to keep their pumps concealed and out of their way. :)



I use "Skin-Prep" to protect the skin before inserting the set. That prevents skin rash and allergic reactions to the infusion set tape. I also use a strip of paper tape by 3M to hold the site in place. Part of the strip on the cannula patch and part on the tubing joining the patch. I use Skin-Prep on the area where the tape is going to appear. When removing the tape and cannula, I use "Uni-Solve" to remove all the gummy residue, before applying a new set. Both products are from the company Smith & Nephew and my drugstore carries them.

Regarding teh adhesive, I only use it if the edge of the infusion site starts to peel up a little before it's time to change the site.  I use Skin Tac (specifically the stuff in the bottle, but lots of people use it in the individually packaged swab form).  I find it's best to dab it onto the skin, then just a LITTLE on the underside of the peeling fabric, let it all dry, then press it down.  That might take a little more patience than a 7 year old has, though.

I personally never put it before inserting a site, even if it's an area that I know will likely end up peeling, for one main reason: Skin Tac sticks REALLY, REALLY well and can sometimes irritate my skin during the removal process if I don't use some unisolve to disolve it.  So I just prfer to not use it unless it turns out I actually need it.

You ARE supposed to use IV prep.  Mine has never bothered me, but you may just need to seek out another brand if it ends up irritating his skin.

We use ivprep prior to insertion (let dry) first, but we use emla numbing creme on the site and cover it with iv3000 to numb prior to insertion, just wipe, then ivprep and insert. My daughter (7) seems to think this is painless. She prefers bum to belly sites, but we've had to use some belly sites as we're using the CGM now too.  When we go to take it off, usually she showers and either it comes off then, or we peel slowly, while holding the skin tight so less pulling. Also, we have adhesive remover wipes that we rub around the site material to help loosen the glue.  Good luck.  If the site isn't holding well enough, we've even cut a center circle from an iv3000 and put over the site, prior to connecting the tubing, so it holds it a bit better. 


I use the IV prep wipes by Smith and Nephew before placing a new site.  If my site starts to come up and unstick from my skin, I take the IV3000 covers, and cut a hole in the middle for if for the part of the site that sticks up.  This way I can still disconnect and the IV3000 cover wont be in the way.  It looks like a clear sheet.  If I have residue left over from the old sites I've used olive oil or baby oil (which smells better :)) to get rid of the sticky residue.

Be careful right now - the IV Prep has been recalled due to bacterial contamination (just happened a couple of weeks ago). I hope it goes back on the market soon, because I love that stuff!

Thanks I know :)  I went on the FDA website and found the exact lot numbers that have been recalled.  I don't have any of those but the message that I got from my supplier wasn't very clear about it.

I use the IV prep and let it dry, then wipe it on again right before putting on the infusion set.  It doesn't diminish the pain of an infusion set, but does help it adhere better. 

Usually the set will hurt for a minute after it first goes in.  After all, the insertion needle is pretty big.  Best way to deal with that is right after removing the needle to use your finger tips to lightly caress the skin about an inch away from the infusion set.  The sensation helps diminish neurological alerts coming the area the hurts. 

If infusion set hurts long after it's put in that usually means it's in a bad spot.  When I've removed infusion sets that hurt like that they usually bleed excessively or the canula is bent because it hit muscle.  So it needs to be moved to a different spot.    

Using a pump seems difficult and a little overwhelming at first, but you will get the hang of it.  Take care.

My site tips....

  • Shower/Bath before site insertion. Doing this really ensures you're clean and your skin "opens up" to take the adhesive better. (I may have made that up but trust me... it really seems to help!)
  • I used to use IV Prep but I was getting hives around my site and upon removal I had angry red circles all over me! I don't use IV Prep anymore, I just use an alcohol pad.
  • Some sites are uncomfortable but not bad. Sometimes they hurt more upon insertion, or are uncomfortable (or downright painful), when you get in the wrong position. He'll have to figure out what he can live with. For me painful sites sometimes relate to a bent canula (which results in occlusion, insulin not getting delivered), so that's something to be aware of!
  • Rotate rotate rotate. I was scared to try my thighs but am glad I did. They sometimes hurt but it gives my sides and butt a much needed break to heal.

Goodluck! It'll be great:)

[quote user="John"]

Shower/Bath before site insertion. Doing this really ensures you're clean and your skin "opens up" to take the adhesive better. (I may have made that up but trust me... it really seems to help!)


I was just going to comment that we've never used any sort of adhesive (pumping with Animas Ping) and haven't had any issues with the site not sticking. Like John suggested, we always do the site change right after a shower, so maybe that has helped us (though it wasn't intentional, it's just the one time the pump isn't attached and the shower gives me the time to set it up).

The insertion always seems to hurt, at least a little bit. It hurts least on her belly, more on her butt. Those are so far the only places we've tried.