First dr appt tmrw!

Ok so my first dr appt is tmrw. It's just with a family dr, but I couldn't get into the endo I wanted without a referral. I don't even know if this dr has much knowledge with  T1s so what are things I should ask him? 

Sometimes general doctors know a lot about diabetes, but sometimes they only know the basics.  Bring your glucose meter and any records you've kept of blood sugars, insulin, carbs eaten.  If there are certain times of day when your blood sugar is always high or low, your doc should be able to help you adjust the dose or timing of your insulin to correct it. 

Has your doctor helped you set:

  • Carb ratio (# of carbs covered by 1 unit of insulin)
  • Insulin sensitivity factor (amount your blood sugar drops from 1 unit of insulin)

If not, ask for recommendations on them.