First endo with CGM

Today is my first endo appointment since I got my CGM. I'm really excited to see how the graphs look and start fixing my basals! Im kind of nervous though because the CGM shows that my numbers are pretty crazy and i thought I was doing alright ):

Last July my endo started me on the CGM. Even though my A1c was 5.8, he discovered that my after meal sugars were high, so he started me on another injectable hormone Symlinpen. I take 45 mcg at each meal and it has kept my after-meal blood sugars from skyrocketing. If you have the same problem, ask your endo about it. Good luck with your appointment. -Michelle

Oh, forgot to mention that I use the Medtronic Paradigm pump with their CGM sensors.

That just shows you how important CGM can be to d-management - everyone's numbers look messed up the first time they download it.  :)  It's just a tool to help you, not a report card.  Hope you have a good appointment!

Thanks everyone! My appointment actually went really well. My average number for my meter is 165 and for my CGM its 160. I was surprised with how close they were!

Were working on adjusting my night basals right now because I tend to go high around 2am and then drop around 6am. The CGM is also showing that I go high during colorguard practice (don't understand this!) and then drop about 2 hours after. I love it htough, its so helpful for spotting trends!

Oh Michelle, I have the Medtronic Paradigm and CGM too! (:

What colorguard are you in? I was in guard in high school (New Philadelphia, Ohio) and an independent guard (Juxtaposition) for 3 years after high school, but I wasn't diagnosed until I was 21, so I never had to deal with both guard and diabetes together. There was a girl with T1D in guard with me, but I didn't know anything about it back then. Now that I'm "on the other side" and have diabetes myself, I have so much respect for how hard it must have been for her, not only to keep her BG's normal during practice and performances, but to keep her pump in her uniform! Is it hard for you to deal with?

Im in colorguard at Urbana University. I do baton, flag, chain flags, flutter, and dance. Its so hard to keep my BGs somewhat normal during practices and games. Tyhe worst is trying to protect my pump from getting hit! lol I absolutely love it though and my coach and team mates are really understanding about it all.

Sometimes exercise makes me go high too, esp if it's over a long period of time.

Now that I'm on a cgm, I feel LOST w/o out. I'm totally addicted. Sounds like it's working out for you too!

I'm a dancer and have a CGM with Paradigm's new Revel - my blood sugars will sometimes spike during class and performances, and my thought was that it was due to potential stress causing cortisol levels to increase which causes glucose production?  Maybe you're really thinking about those flag moves and stressing that you'll drop it!!  :)  I'm sure your skills are excellent, but it could be a subconscious stress thing causing the spikes!