First foods for baby

Hi everyone! I posted this in the group “Parents with Diabetes and Their Non-Diabetic Children”, but the group doesnt get much activity. So I thought I’d run this by you T1 mommies :slight_smile:

I am T1 and a first-time parent. My daughter is 6 months old next week, and I finally get to introduce her first foods. I am following ADA guidelines to a T so that my little one doesn’t encounter diabetes food triggers at the wrong time – I’m worried because my family history is huge (Dad T1, brother T1, sister gluten intolerant, second cousin T1). Anyway, the guidelines say to breastfeed exclusively until six months and introduce solid foods slowly, with wheat being introduced between six and seven months. But the guidelines don’t suggest what should be the first food. Did you all introduce fruits, veggies or cereals first?

Not sure how I know or remember this, nor where my knowledge came from (my girls are 12 and 10)... but I think rice cereal is first.   Then once you start introducing other foods, you go with veggies and then fruits.  (why would they like veggies if they have fruit first ;-).  

You should probably check with your pediatrician though - there definitely could have been changes to infant diets since I was involved with it.  

I can tell you - I made all my kids baby food back in the day.  Took an afternoon but I cooked all the veggies (green beans, sweet potato, carrot, zucchini, squash, etc.), ground them up and then froze them in ice cube trays.   Put them in plastic baggies and kept in freezer.     We had a hand baby food grinder we used, but I've seen electric ones too.   We ground whatever we were eating (once they got to where they could consume that kind of stuff).  

Good luck!   I hope your babe loves the food!  

PS - there is nothing you can do to stop your daughter from developing type 1.  Don't set yourself up with guilt and anxiety.   My daughters were breastfed from birth to 6 months exclusively, had soy formula after that, followed all the guidelines by pediatrician and anyone else you could find.  My oldest was diagnosed at age 4.   You can't stop genetic and environmental triggers.  Enjoy her.  Do your best - that's all you can do.

Thanks, Katie! You picked up on my concern about my daughter inheriting T1, and I needed to hear that there's no reason to be guilt-ridden. There's nothing I can do that will cause diabetes. In fact, the study info keeps changing. The 2003 study info that I was using suggested that wheat is a trigger, but the most recent study info says it's not. Now dairy is thought to be the main trigger. Grrrr. I think we'll just hide under a rock to avoid all triggers ;)

Katie is right on.  Do not feel guilty for something you can't control.  I wish we could prevent our children from having any trouble but that's not how life works.  

I was so worried about my son having diabetes but he has shown no sign of it.  Instead he has had severe far sightedness and had surgeries and worn glasses from a young age.  That's from my husband's side of the family, but it never occured to me to worry about it.  And though I wish my son wouldn't have to deal with eye problems, it hasn't wrecked his life.  He's smart, read early, has friends, and can out wrestle any kid in his class (for some reason, little boys like to wrestle each other).  I was worried he'd be teased for wearing glasses, but the biggest bully in his kindergarten class wore glasses and made it taboo to tease about it.  God definitely has a sense of humor...


My daughter just turned 1 and is still breastfeeding.  I started solids at 7 months.  

she didn't like anything I waited and tried one thing every other day until she was ready.  I put everything in a food processor.  I would steam everything then blend it up fridge it and freeze it.  she like sweet potatoes with breastmilk and blended peas.  I never did rice cereal.  I would cook natural oatmeal then food process it with breast milk.  I blended winter squash, summer squash, avocado, zuchini, banana.  She is a great eater now even though she is particular she will scarf down home made soup, green beans, kidney beans and dave's killer bread.  I have only given her  a couple of cubes of cheese but that made her really gassy so I stopped and will try later.  I am really worried about the type 1 for her as well.  Katie, how did you find out your little ones were type 1?