First Full Day = Complete

i got my pump yesterday and yesterday went smoothly went to Outback with my family got my carbs all punched in things were great. thennn i went to bed, and i couldnt fall asleep for the longest time, when i finally did it was time to check my blood sugar then i couldnt fall back asleep, tube, pump, uh not easy to get used to the first night haha. well needless to say my sleep sucked, woke up with a migrane, didnt go to school, couldn't eat, my stomach felt like it was turning, and on top of it i felt like my blood sugar was constantly low when it wasnt (you know that funny feeling you get when youre low?) i had that all day it was driving me crazy! other than that things are going pretty smooth. i finally feel better. but now i feel like im gonna run out of insulin before i go back to the Dr on friday afternoon. i feel like its going so first.

curious as to what the Norm. is for you the day before youre 3rd day when you switch everything out??

and i feel like everything i give a Bolus i can feel it or sometimes i feel like it hurts when i dont think it really does... freaking myself out??

last question... anyone go to tanning beds?? my plan's to disconnect while i go, but can i leave it in the room with me?

besides not feeling well, im loving it. no more shots is the best thing ever. i like how i can do everything from my meter too i dont have to pull out my pump every time i have to do something. 2 hour checks are hard for me too, the alarm WONDERFUL!!! :)


thanks for the support and advice in my last post! it helped me calm down so much! i appreciate it.


thanks again for the replys, any help/ tips are great i have noone to talk to i know noone out here with the pump.



I just started, too, on Monday. Is your delivery speed set to slow? That might help with feeling the bolus. I spent all day today thinking I was low, too. Is that common when you're new on a pump?

I'm going to invest in some material to make a pump-sized pocket i can safety pin to my pajama pants, i think, because being woken up cuz i rolled over and the pump's weight was hanging off the site was not fun.

I changed my site at my appointment today, so now it's on the other side, which is strange. for some reason i had never thought about how i would need pockets on both sides.

I love it, though. I hadn't realized how much I missed snacking on fruit.

Congrats on starting the pump! It is a little hard to sleep with a pump for the first time, especially if you have to get up and check ur BG every 2 hours, I'm sure it will get easier though. As far as ur questions go I have very sensitive skin so I often have to change my site every 2 days, but i change the resevoire whenever it is about empty which varies with my carb intake for those couple days. I can feel the boluses when they are big like more than 5 units, but other than that I dont usually feel the insulin going in. Also, if I put my site in an area that has less fat than others sometimes its more uncomfortable. As far as tanning beds (which I am very against due to the fact that they cause cancer about 10times faster than being out in the sun) you can just unhook like you said same as you do for a shower, swimming, etc, but you are still gonna get a tan line from your site. Hope that helps. Good luck with the pump!

Liz congrats on the new pump. Things will get easier as time goes by. You won't even notice the pump anymore. When I sleep I clip the pump right to my shorts and sleep. Granted I sleep on my back/side so I don't end up sleeping on my pump all that often. But if and when I do, I don't really feel anything anymore.

As for the low feeling, I tend to also associate that same feeling to being anxious or nervous. My guess is that your body is playing tricks on your nerves which is what you are truly feeling. Once you are more comfortable with things that should stop. What pump are you using? Animas? Medtronic? If you have the Animas and are feeling the Bolus' I can help you make sure your settings are set so you shouldn't feel the bolus. However, every once and a while I may feel the bolus still. But maybe we can get the feeling to be a little better for you.

Good luck to both you and Ajax though.

Congrats! I bet you feel so much better now that you don't have to do shots though!

I started on the pump in July, freaked me out a tad bit when I started. But my dad is also on a pump so I had a lot of guidance from him. I'm guessing that you have a Ping? Correct me if I'm wrong.

I have the ping and I love it!

For me, I don't even fill my cartridge all the way, I usually do 100 units for 3-4 days because I never would use 200 units in that little amount of time. As for the hurting when you bolus, my pump trainers says it's normal. You could have hit a blood vessel when putting in the site, or it could just be really close to a nerve. You'll have that from time to time, setting your delivery speed lower could help. Sometimes you won't feel anything at all and you'll want to keep that site in forever!

And about you not feeling well, I would say it could be due to stress! Getting the pump is a HUGE step for any of us! I got mine over the summer because i didn't think that I could deal with that stress on top of being in school. I say take a nice hot bath and some ibuprofen for the headache and relax!


thanks for the replies i def. feel better today!! i am on the Ping, i love it, lastnight i stayed up all night putting the things i eat the most into my meter... AWESOME working at a restaurant it seems like not bringing out my pump is gonna be the best part.. i started to clip my pump to my tank top while i sleep but i cant sleep on my stomach the feeling im gonna break something freaks me out. i slept much better, and tonight my Dr. told me i dont have to wake up at all :) i've noticed for my Bolus' i def. feel it most when i take more than 5. which isnt often but yesterday i ran pretty high since i wasnt feeling well, and maybe i didnt take enough when i did eat.

Ajax- i've noticed today ive been running a regular blood sugar and today's much better there's been a couple times i've felt low and havent been, but def. not like yesterday. hope the feeling went away for you as well! and snacking on fruit, is the best, i still do it :) just watch how much and look at the nutrition facts online. my Dr's told me i dont have to stop snacking, cuz im def. a grazer, just to cut back a little def. watch it more, but i have noticed my eating habits have already changed, i dont snack much anymore which is awesome cuz i've gained a bit of weight. anywho glad things are going good for you!

i go in tomorrow to switch sites, i think itll be weird, i mostly wear sweats cuz i have school all day every other day so i like how i can just put it into the pocket but i hate the feeling that everyone's staring at the tube that's the one thing i have no idea what to do with!

thanks so much for the advice everyone it really helps.  i feel like today im much more used to it, i just hope i can get it right so i dont run a little high after lunch im not sure why that is .



Liz welcome to the world of the Ping. A few things if you are still feeling the bolus' you should check the settings for the delivery speed. If you go to Menu, Setup, Advanced, hit next for setup adv screen two. It will list bolus with adv. Bolus, reminders, and finally delivery. Make sure delivery is set to slow. That should help if it is not already set that way. Most people don't even recognize the tube. I had my pump for over a month before some people even realized the tubing was showing. You should be fine.