First Infusion Set Change By Yourself

mines tomorrow and the first 2 times, i've felt like its getting stuck and i cant get it out, the Dr's finished getting it set up so i havent actually done it entirely, any advice on making it a little easier for set up? and what's the best spot for you to place yours?

Ur DR. putting in ur infusion set? Well I had a Mini Med paradigm pump for 2 years n did have a lil trouble with mine, durin the summer my stomach would tan except that spot that the pump was at lol. That was the least of my concerns tho,the hose would always get snagged n get pulled loose, but im not as in control now that I went back to injections. Im thinkin bout getting a CGM and pump soon tho.

leave your old site in until you've put the new one in. It's easier to keep from getting frazzled if you know you still have a site you can reconnect to if you have to. Just trust yourself! And remember that you can always try again if the first one doesn't work, or hurts too much.


good luck!

Hi Liz

I decided where to put my site just based on my body type and overall personal preference. I like the area right around my hip bone the best. Everyone is different though. I agree with ajax, believe in yourself and you can do it. You have been giving yourself shots for however long you have had T1 and it probably wasn't as easy as it is for you now. So definitely believe in yourself.

As far as taking it off goes... I just yank the thing off. It doesn't bother or hurt me and is just habit.

To be honest I think the whole process at first is a little overwhelming if not traumatic. Then something happens overtime and then you are timing your site change and posting it to Juvenation :)


Liz, the infusion set site change is on thing that you do need to practice. It will get there evetually, for me, my hips tend to be the best area to put my site. It also though will depend on body type. If you have major issues don't frazzled it will all work out. It nothing else if they keep getting stuck or not working you can always ask your doctor about the possibility of trying a different infusion set. That might make things a little better if you need it. Those of us who are "experienced" still have problems from time to time. It is not an exact science at times.

thanks for the advice i was talking to my mom about all the advice everyone's been giving me since i know noone with a pump, its made things alot easier. changing the infusion set went great today!!! didn't use so much insulin though, i had half left! what a waste of money!!! oh well, now i know how much to put in pretty much!! it didnt get stuck today, and i did it myself, my mom kept making a face at me while i was attempting to push the buttons freaking me out even more, but it worked i think it only took me like 5 seconds, probably cuz i saw the needle and started freaking!! is it easier on a certain side of the body for you? i feel like my left side is more comfortable but the right side is easier for the infusion set.

It takes a lot of guts to do what we do on a daily basis, I don't think most people see that. Congrats on changing it yourself. I'm surprised to hear that your Dr. put your infusion set in for you. I don't know why but I always have better and less painful sites on the right side of my body. I tend to think that it is because I am right handed and it seems that the site goes in smoother because my hand is less shaky? I don't know, maybe it's just my mind playing tricks on me.

It's also a good idea that you didn't fill your cartridge all the way up, especially since you don't use that much in the time that it's in. I only fill mine up half way because it is a huge waste if you're not using it all. You'll get a good routine down when you change it all and you're nervousness of the needle and such will decrease and it will feel so much easier! It's been almost 3 months since I've been on my pump and I could never imagine life without it now!

Good luck! And please let us know if you need anything support, questions, someone to just rant to. We're here for you!

I agree the right side seems to be more comfortable for me and I have less chance of failure on my first shot. Sometimes the left side I miss the angle I want. I really need to work on that I guess. But as Courtney pointed out, feel free to share successes, failures, and just if needed rants to all of us. Also, don't forget the various groups out there, such as Insulin Pumpers, where you can also ask questions.

i had a fear of needles so the first time i put the infusion set in my Dr. did it just to show me how it'd go and how exactly to do it, it eased my worries alot and the first day i actually had to change everything out i did it myself but for some reason i could get the needle out but i couldnt get it to come loose so she had to put the needle back in and attempt to get it out, she was just there incase i needed some help im kinda a panzy!! haha i def. think its easier for me for have place it on the right side but i think its more comfortable on the left, is that weird haha? i think im a freak. being nervous is my biggest issue but i think ill get used to it after the first few times doing it alone, my Dr. already lowered one of my Basal rates she said im doing awesome which is great!! i get my A1C done in a few weeks. thats what im nervous for ive never had it in a normal range, no matter how good i did taking my shots. so we'll see.

i got my first scratch on my screen today :( i was really sad. so i put some covering thing on the screen thats made for cellphones (just incase anyone had that problem)


The first time I did my infusion set My hands were shaking like nothing because of nerves. As you move on it will be easier and you are not a panzy. It is a weird thing to try the first few times, however it will get easier. I like my pump on the left side as well, when I read I rest on my right side, so if my pump is there it can be a little uncomfortable, granted I am only leaning on the Infusion set, it's not like I lay on my pump as well. That would be crazy.

Just like Brian, I used to shake like a leaf when it was time to change my site.  In fact, I seem to remember posting something on here about that and asking for advice.  I've been pumping now for just under a year and now the site changes are relatively easy and quick.  I find that if I don't tryly, whole-heartedly concentrate on what I'm doing and instead "just do it", it makes things a lot easier.  Good luck!

I know what you are referring to with the protective plastic...  Did you already have it from something else or did you buy it separately?  I would also like to do something like that to protect my screen.

I guess for me being a child and watching my dad put in his site made it easier for me when I was diagnosed and then put on a pump. I don't think I ever really had the shaking, nervous feeling. Nervous about doing it alone but not about the needle part. I think that makes me weird. I was afraid of doing it when I was on the pens but now this needle is like 5 times the size and it doesn't freak me out...