First Injection!

I just wanted to post how proud I am of my 11yr old daughter! Macie was diagnosed with Type 1 in Aug 2010 and has absolutely refused to give herself her injection...... until last night! She is an amazing kid, and has being handling everything with absolute grace!


 Good for your daughter! It's scary, but children will, with support from their parents,  get on board and start understanding, excepting this new reality and resopnsibility.

Give Macie a high five for me! That's awesome! :)

That's fantastic !!

yay for macie! way to go! :)

Very Cool!  I am hoping that my son will start too. Everyone I talk to says kids often make much progress after diabetes camp.  This will be our first summer since DX so we are trying our local diabetes day camp

i have been diabetic for 3 years and up until last month i had my mom do my shots.... i know how scary that is but one day i was just like forget this and did it has made things so much easier....congratulations you should be so proud :)