First OB Visit... Left with questions

I am currently 7 weeks and 2 days along and yesterday had my first prenatal visit with my high risk team at our local medical university.  First, I had my internal ultrasound (since I'm so early) we saw a heartbeat and little tiny baby... I was right on point size wise. In fact the ultrasound tech kept using the word "perfect" and it made me feel great! All was well until after we were through she went to get the doctor he introduced himself and told my hubby and I that he needed to do another ultrasound in a week because he could not see the yolk sac.  He said it's probably nothing, but we just wanted to make sure. 

He didn't seem terribly concerned and they sent me to see the OBGYN that will be taking care of me, they examined me, did blood work (my A1C went down!!), talked to the nurse and all that jazz.  My OB told me that she didn't see the ultrasound, so she wasn't able to see what they were talking about.

I am worried, as usual! Their lack of concern is comforting, but I don't know if it was just his personality.  My hubby was there and he didn't seem to think there was anything to be concerned with either (but he's not a worrier). 


Just want to know your thoughts.  There was a heartbeat so in my head there must be something in there supporting life, but I just want some opinions.  Has this happened to anyone else? 


First of all, Congrats!!!!!!!!!

I know it's hard not to worry but, it's still very early to see everything in a soon, I would think. Wait till your next appointment to see what they say. I think that is the best way to handle it. A heartbeat is indeed a good thing. I'm sure everything is just fine.

Some doctors have zero bedside manner which is unfortunate.  Let us know how you are doing!!

Thank you, Gina. It is so hard not to stress out! The heartbeat and appropriate size was encouraging, but I can't help but worry.... I go back on Monday (10/1) first thing! I just am freaking out and I feel like I'm alone here!

The doctor's personality was gruff and short.  He creeped me, out to be completely honest.  He said "it's probably nothing, but I just want to make sure." He didn't seem very encouraging (but not really discouraging either) just kind of without emotion. I wish I didn't have to wait a week to find out what is truly going on.  

Is there another doctor at that office you can see? In my OB office there are three doctors, right now I toggle between two of them. I haven't met the third one yet. Any of them can deliver me depending who is on call.

Oh yea I am 33 weeks pregnant! I know how you feel about waiting a week but, try to stay calm. I don't know why some doctors have to act like that. Especially in an OB office where they should be happy because they deliver cute little babies all the time.

If he said he thinks it's nothing then its probably true. If something is up they usually don't say anything at all. Doctors have to cover their butts nowadays so they don't get sued.

There are multiple doctors in this office as it is a part of a large medical university.  I'm probably blowing this out of proportion, but it's my first pregnancy, and everything seemed so great before he dropped that bomb on me.  

My other doctor who specializes in diabetics and complications was WONDERFUL. She had a wonderful bedside manner! She also didn't seemed to be too worried.... I hope that I'm freaking out for no reason and that everything will be visible and right on track. The heartbeat was encouraging and the growth as well, I just want this to be behind me!

Sometimes I think ingnorance is bliss.  =)   Doctors and parents know so much more now and have access to high tech tests that give us lots to worry about.  But realistically there are enough things to stress about in life and your doctor shouldn't add unnecessarily to them.    

I don't know any mom-to-be whose OB doesn't find some area of concern with the pregnancy or baby.  And just wait until your baby is born... every mom I know either is given a dire warning about jaundice or about the baby losing too much weight post birth or some other thing that ends up being a non issue.

You have to trust your instincts and find a doctor who has a similar treatment philosophy as you.   That will be important as you go through your pregnancy and also when you look for a pediatrician after your son or daughter is born.  

Congrats on your pregnancy.  I hope you're feeling okay and know you will probably start feeling a lot less tired when you hit the 2nd trimester.  Take care.


Ignorance really is bliss... I have a tendency to google everything and it makes me paranoid and crazy! I;m trying to not focus on the negatives, but on the positives of yesterday's visit... we saw a heartbeat and i got a great diabetic report, and met with a fabulous doctor who specializes in diabetics! The one thing was just to come back in a week... they didn't say prepare for a miscarriage, or that the fetus wasn't viable, in fact they said everything looked great they just couldn't see one thing... not that it wasn't there... frankly if it wasn't there there would be no heartbeat, right?

Sometimes you just need strangers to sympathize with you! Thanks for listening!

STOP GOOGLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I learned that very quickly. At my Level I they told me that I only had two veins going through my umbilical cord instead of three and I immediately went to the web to research it, even though the doctor said not to worry that it is very common. Well, I freaked myself out reading about it and started getting panicky, especially at night. It has really been a non issue.

So, after that I told myself NO MORE GOOGLE. I have been stress free ever since haha

So a bit of good news... I emailed my doctor yesterday just to tell her that I heard from them with a new A1C report... it went down a whole point in a month and a half since I found out i was pregnant! My doctor is WONDERFUL... she specializes in T1 pregnancies and is nothing but encouraging! She called me healthy and diligent with my blood sugar control (thats a first!)

Anyway... she told me that the reason for my ultrasound next week was them being overly cautious! That since the fetal pole is there and growing beautifully, and the heart rate is normal there there is no reason for concern.  That a problem is not expected or suspected! It's just a follow up!

She made me feel so much better! So that's where I stand!

Oh that is good news! See!!

I have been going to the OB every two weeks since 4 weeks. Starting at 28 weeks it was every week. At 32 weeks every week 2x per week. You will notice you get EXCELLENT care with a type 1 pregnancy. It's better to be overly cautious than not!

I am glad you feel better.

UPDATE: Went back to the doctor on Monday and all is well with Baby G! They were able to see a heartbeat at 160 bpm, a fetal pole (that had grown exactly 1 week), and the elusive yolk sac.  Everything looked good and  all doctors and parents-to-be involved were thrilled!

I Will be sharing the news with my family next weekend when I will be 10 weeks! My sisters and dad (mom already knows) will be SO excited! This will be the first grand baby for my parents and the husbands! Great grandchild number 9 in a very large family!

Thank you for your support!  

Yes!!!!! I am so happy for you! I had a feeling everything was OK!!!

Thank you, Gina! It was such a relief! Now, if I can just keep my blood sugars in check, I'll be in business!

I also need to shake this sinus infection I've got! So annoying!