First obgyn appointment

Hello all, am wondering how soon the T1D people went to see an obgyn after a positive pregnancy test. I’ve read that people often go at 6-8 weeks, but should a T1D go sooner? Thanks!

Hello Emma, and congratulations! I know there are members here that will give you advice from having actually experienced your condition so my opinions maybe superseded by the pros so to speak. The issues you need to consider are how is the control of your diabetes presently such as are your BGL’s under control, how are you feeling such as morning sickness or excessive tiredness, are your blood pressures ok, etc. I recommend calling your obgyn and endo and remind them you’re a T1D and ask them if they feel concerned because they know your medical history and may want you to have an earlier appointment than other people just to keep tabs on everything to prevent you from developing any issues. Sooooo, I guess I’m saying it wouldn’t hurt to get prenatal care as early as possible. Plus doctor office schedules can be hard to get appointments with lately and waiting maybe required causing delays. We hope to hear how things progress from you during this awesome time, and we want you and the little one or (ones) to be healthy and safe.

Hi Emma. I agree with @rs3880 . I don’t have children (for reasons not related to diabetes) but it makes sense to get a good start. I was diagnosed in 1963, and during my childhood and childbearing years the words “high risk” were always associated with pregnancy for those of us with diabetes, and not all endos knew how to manage them. I had an acquaintance who was an ObGyn - I took my pump out while standing near her and she asked what it was. That was many years ago. With the current knowledge and technology that may have changed but it won’t hurt to get a head start.

Welcome, Emma, and congratulations!

Planning ahead is a good idea. The reason gestational diabetes exists is that the fetus actively interferes with the mother’s body chemistry in order to raise her blood sugar, with the goal of getting more sugar from the umbilical tube, which it needs to grow and develop. You’re already T1D, but the fetus will be using the same strategy, which means you’re going to have more trouble with your BGs, and also that you may want to adjust your target BG range for a while to better suit the fetus’s needs.

Talking to your doctors (endo and obgyn) early will let you go over the timeline of what to expect and come up with a plan for how to approach that so you’re prepared before it happens. Check in, talk it over, maybe get some homework, see what else you need to prepare for, and ask when to come back for a follow-up.

You can also call the office and just ask them when they recommend you come in.