First time with insulin pump

I just got the pump. If my BG is 100 or below should I eat first or send the insulin first?

hello @sixboys,

pumping insulin is the same as injecting insulin in many ways. when you were on shots… what did you do first?

do you have a CDE? do you have a pump trainer? if no… I think you should look into getting some real-time help for the first couple of weeks.

please think about getting the book “Pumping Insulin” best pump manual there is, easy buy on amazon.

if it was me, and it was meal-time, and I had a bg of 99, 89, even 69, I would bolus for my carbs first, and then eat. you may experience differently. when in doubt, eat first.

good luck!

Hi @sixboys,

I agree fully with the advice @joe offered and will add my 2 cents worth.

I don’t know how long you have been using “fast acting” insulin, but I’ve found that the longer I’ve been using an insulin, the slower it appears to act. When Humalog was first approved by the FDA in 1996, I didn’t dare inject it until I began eating but as my body got accustomed to that insulin the reaction time slowed. I switched to Novolog January 2005 and that acted quickly in my body at first; now I only delay a meal bolus if I’m 70 or below and at these times I’ll use the “square” setting so that the insulin is infused over a thirty minute period instead of the whole amount at one time.