First week

Hi, I am starting on the one touch ping onion a few weeks. I was told by one of my friends that the first week will be horrible. I was told that my blood sugars will be high and low all of the time. Is this true?

Not really. Your endo should get you off to a good start, but have patience, until all the fine details get worked out. Best of luck Nbee03!!

Hi, Nbee03.

My daughter started on a pump Feb. 28.  It went quite well, actually.  There were a few lows and a couple highs, but nothing too crazy.  Overall, we are loving it!

There is definitely a learning curve in the beginning. There may be more highs than lows but, with the pump it is easily corrected. The best advice I can give is to be patient until you figure out the correct basal and bolus rates. It takes time but, once it is all fixed you will be happy you switched to the pump!

it's really hard to get anything right until the basals are correct. If fasting is an option that's great, but wasn't for our son. Use the highs as an opportunity as when you correct a particularly large high you can get a good idea of whether the correction is right or not. Sorting out carb ratios and basals is harder, but you can try the same thing with high carb meals. The other thing we found is that the Sure T was the only infusion set that didn't frequently fail, as our son has pretty much no fat on his body. The mio would stop working at random intervals (which seemed like they were always 3 in the morning).  I also found that making frequent (every day or two) small changes (e.g. .025 change in a basal) worked better than trying to accumulate statistics over longer periods of time.

Anyway, good luck. After finally sorting things out it has been a blessing, giving him back a lot of the freedom he lost.


My daughter just started the pump and my only regret is that we didn't get it sooner! It is AMAZING!!!!!