Flag Football

So here's a question. I am about to start playing in a highly competitive intramural flag football league. Basically it will be a group of my seminarian friends all slightly older vs. college kids. Last time I played flag football I was without a pump. The games run about an hour and I am not worried about my basal at this point, but due to the highly grabby atmosphere of flag football what would you suggest? Removal or not. I play ultimate Frisbee without any serious issues, but this is a whole new ball game for me.

I am certainly no authority on the matter, but in my opinion, I say you should remove your pump for the duration of the game.

I've seen many shorts torn from people so I would probably take it off.

Are you the cause of the short removal??

Yeah, I am leaning towards not wearing the pump as I would prefer not to get stuff pulled from me.

Only twice. 

LOL. Of course. And twice?? Seriously?

Umm Yeah I would take off the pump. It can get pretty rough out there (even with girls). Umm yeah there have been many accidents of where someone jerks someone elses pants down by accident. lol. Pretty embarrassing!

wouldn't wear the pump as even the sprinting could make it fall off and get damaged...just take it off and deal with any highs/lows as they come.

Yeah seriously.  Play to win.  Not prance around on the field.  It would have been more if I played linebacker but I was strong and free safety most games.  Make some sweet dives for the flags, boom, no pants. 

Well if I were to ever play against you I would have to remember to tie my shorts real tight. However, I now have the answer to my question.

Just to give you another option...there are plenty of spandex with pockets in them. I use the spandex used for football to put the hip and thigh pads in, you can put the pump into those pockets and it is secure and doesn't bounce around. The tubing may be an issue, that that depends where your site is. And if a pair of those tights gets pulled off (CHLjoe!) it definitely wasn't an accident!

I usually wear an underarmour shirt underneath that covers my infusion site with another on top. My tubing usually is not the issue during activities. I like the idea of the shorts though. I will have to go wandering this weekend. And now I am scared of CHLJoe.

Adam, I was out looking at shorts today. Can you be a little more specific as to which type you were talking about. I found nothing to really help me. Or maybe point me in the right direction via link?

hey Brian, these are the ones I have. I just slide the pump into one of the inside pockets depending on where my site is and what I am doing:


Many thanks. All the ones I was finding already had the padding stuffed into it.