Flip flops

my stepdad, who is looking out for my health and best interest in life, occasionally makes comments about me wearing flip flops.

i know i need to pay attention to my feet. It was like the 2nd thing I was told after being diagnosed. but can someone explain why? Especially if I'm careful about my blood sugars and keep them under good control and my A1C is great... then please someone tell me whats the problem cuz I guess I was really never told.

I LOVE flip flops. I would wear them every day except that we have about 4 months of snow here in Wisconsin... in which I wear clogs (im not sure these are any better?).

I absoutely HATE tennis shoes. I feel like my feet are trapped and can't breath. I really hate them. I think in the past 5 years I've worn tennis shoes probably twice. Seriously. I even wore flip flops everyday I was touring/hiking the grand canyon. They are just the most comfortable.


ANYWAY... sorry for the long post. My main questions:

Please explain the whole feet thing....

Can I still wear flip flops?

Would flip flops with a little arch be better?


Finally I do have a doctor appointment in like a month so I will be asking her then and I'll see if she'll scare me into wearing tennis shoes lol



As long as the flip-flops don't rub blisters in-between you toes, Yes, you can wear them.

All problems/complications that usually happen to diabetics, usually happen to people with uncontrolled diabetes.  If your blood sugars are good, then you can wear them... if your blood sugars are high 90% of the time, I DON'T advise wearing them, because it will take longer for any rash/blister to heal...

If they are comfortable and cause no problems...  wear them.  If they pinch your toes, DON'T.   Simple really.

Hope this helps...Kristi

i walk around bare foot sometimes, its all about being smart and avoiding stubbing your toes and getting blisters or stepping on god forbid glass.

The thing with feet is that when you have uncontrolled diabetes you are more prone to poor circulation especially in your feet.  Foot problems happen when there is nerve damage, it is called Diabetic Neuropathy, when you lose the feeling in your feet. I am sure you have no problems with your feet this usually occurs after years of having diabetes.

You can wear flip flops and other shoes. Just be careful... and if you get any sort of cuts or scrapes and blisters just make sure you take care of it because if you are having higher blood sugars it may take longer to heal. If the cut doesn't heal make sure you go to the doctor to get it taken  care of.

I agree with everyone else just be careful when wearing them. I don't wear flip flops too often because of a bad experience plus my feet hurt after wearing them a few times, but I do occassionally wear them. I'm a Crocs and New Balance fan myself, more protection for my feet.

 I had got bitten by a bee 2 summers ago, while wearing flip flops, when I stepped on my heel a bee flew under my toes and stung me. I didn't know the bee was there until I felt a sharp pain followed by a stinging sensation. I ended up at the doctors because I had developed celluitis (infection from the sting) within 24 hours. My foot was so swollen that I had a hard time even putting my crocs on my foot. The doctor told me my sugars were a little too high and that's what caused the cellulitis ( the swelling, redness, pain and purplish color) on my foot. I was put on anti biotics and it healed in about a week. She told me if I had just let it go I could've gotten blood poisioning or had major issues.

So you can wear them but be safe while doing so. : )

These answers are quite reassuring due to that fact that I'm constantly wearing my Rainbows.  My boss even picks on me because I wear them so often.  I, as well, would wear them year round and sometimes do even if it's cold outside.  I've always had a few foot questions so I'm glad this thread was there to clear that up.  Hopefully I can keep the feeling in my feet for a LONG time! :)

I reiterate what has been said here - just do your best to manage your levels and that the flip flops are comfortable.  I've been wearing them for as long as I can remember. My parents were originally from Hawaii so it just came with the territory.  Use common sense and you'll be just fine.  Be well.

glad  to hear this,tons of flip flops around here.

There is no satisfaction found in the constriction of shoes.  I love walking bare footed.  It is not unusual to find me walking into stores, parking lots, etc. with bare feet.  Flip Flops are awesome, if/when I need to cover the bottom of my feet that is what I typically wear!!