Flow sheet for tracking sites/orders?

Has anyone created or have a link to a centralized flowsheet where we could have CGM sites, application dates, and pump sites/dates all in one place? Also may be a column for when supplies were ordered, etc.? Now that we have both devices the supplies are starting to make me feel a little overwhelmed and I’d like organization in one place. Thanks for ideas!

I use an app called Carezone. It’s technically for medications and will find them as you type the name - but I did a quick check and it does allow you to make some custom entries, such as CGM Sensors, pump cartridges, etc on your own. You can enter prompts for when to take your medication - or in this case change your site location. You can also get prompts reminding you when to order. My supplies are done on an auto refill though, and I typically get an email and automated message when is time to call to confirm so they can ship it out. Auto-refill might be a great way to relieve the stress of having to remember to place your order.
I can’t think of anything that would help you track sites, although I had a diabetic friend growing up whose mother marked her skin with a Sharpie, I guess abbreviating days of the week so she would know when to inject where - but that’s a bit drastic. I mostly use my abdomen and alternate from left to right, and occasionally center. From time to time I use my upper arm for my infusion set or CGM. And some people manage to insert in their butt although I haven’t figured out how to do that on my own :blush:.
I see you’ve posted under a parent forum, and depending on the age of your child they may have much less “real estate” than an adult body. Even so, I think you should be able to find a variety of insertion sites that don’t conflict. I’ve been pumping and using a CGM for years and have rarely had issues with an insertion site going bad from use. But if it puts your mind at ease to look at something, you could take or draw a picture and mark the insertion sites using different color ink to indicate the date and location for CGM and pump.

Hi Lisa,
I love Excel and could make you a spreadsheet to help track! It can also be incorporated as a Google Sheets document.