Flu shot time!

So as everyone knows its that time of year to get flu shots (again). I have heard that my daughter can no longer get the nasal spray, only the flu shot. Im guessing because of her type 1? I have done a little bit of research, but we had switched to the nasal spray a few yrs (before she was diagnosed) because well nobody likes shots! Hahha that was a joke! Seriously some have agreed/disagreed that the nasal spray is more effective because its “alive” vs “dead” not to mention I think we can all agree the flu shot is sore for days afterwards. She has never become ill from the flu shot/ nasal spray so I dont know if I should be worried. She has an appointmet with her endo very soon, so this will be a topic i will be bringing up to discuss. This is all new, so I dont know if I am over thinking this. Also, I do plan to give her Tylenol before her, since it may cause a minor temp, however can Tylenol make a BG spike a little?

Hi Shariza - My daughter was diagnosed at two years old and she is now nine. We have always gotten the flu shot versus the mist at the recommendation of her pediatrician. He is not comfortable with her receiving the mist. I’m not sure if this is the norm though? She has never had a bad reaction to the flu shot either. We are actually getting her shot this Thursday. :slight_smile: As far as blood spikes from over the counter meds, she will definitely get high. I usually scale back on the recommended dosage a bit to try to avoid that but it can be tricky and you have to consider the circumstances you are giving her the medicine for (headache, high fever, etc). You don’t want the fever to not go down but you also don’t want to send the blood sugar through the roof either. It’s very difficult and every child is different. I would discuss with your endo or primary to see if they may be able to make some suggestions. Diabetes changes the way you handle many things in life but it will become less challenging as time goes on. I hope all goes well with your daughter and she has no side effects from whatever option you choose. :slight_smile:

Hello! My daughter, age 9 was just diagnosed a little over a month ago with T1D…scary stuff…Type 2 runs on hubby’s side of the family, but no one on my side has diabetes…That being said, my husband got the flu shot for the first time last year and that is the 1st time that he actually got the flu…I don’t want my daughter to get the shot because of the experience…any input? Thanks! ~Claudia

We just did the flu mist for everyone, T1D and non, and everyone seems totally fine. FWIW.