Flu shots-will you be taking one?

We missed last year,this time everyone here will make sure we take one.

Everyone in the family will be.

I will not be

We've never done flu shots, mostly because it's one of the only ped shots that still uses thymerisol.  No need to increase the kids' mercury exposure if it's not necessary.  William has never been particularly suseptible to flu, so I guess it's just one more of those "balance" things for us.  Our ped endo is not pushing it.



i am, especialy because of the swine flu.

      There will be a different shot for the swine flu as soon as it is developed from what I've heard.

i havent since i was a toddler and will continue not to :)


i've had the flu like three times in my whole life. i'm not worried.

I will.

Nope definitely not.  I am turned right off immunizations after the MMR one I got almost 2 years ago.  "A bad batch" of immunizations caused many people in Alberta to have life threatening allergic reactions.  I got diagnosed with diabetes 2 months after mine, and I am half convinced that it triggered it. 

i always get my flu shot. i can't afford to get sick with the flu and miss work.

Nope.  My Endo is also a natural doctor and is pretty much against them.  They kind of give me the creeps too...

I know I'll get one. My doctor always gives me one.

Yes I will. I started taking one last year, and so far so good.

A natural doctor is always good.  I hear artificial doctors have be shown to cause cancer in lab animals especially those made from saccharin.

HMMM, I heard that too... I guess that is why I go the natural route ;P

I will be, but more because I work in a hospital than anything else.

It's easy to forget to get the flu shot(s). I wonder if there's a a good way to remind yourself to get it? Maybe setting up a specific date each year- and observing it like a birthday?

     How can you tell a natural doctor from an artificial one?  Just wondering...

[quote user="amyl1027"]

     How can you tell a natural doctor from an artificial one?  Just wondering...


a natural doctor prefers to use natural remedies as oppose to pharmaceutical drugs...and you can't really tell them apart..you just find out when its time to get you some treatment. some doctors do describe themselves as natural doctors and openly tell you that before you have your first meeting, others don't bother until its needed.

I missed the shot for the past few years, this year i will be getting both the "regular" flu shot and the swine flu series when they become available.