Flying with a Newly Dxed child

Hello I will be flying with a newly dxed Type1 child and I was wondering how I get her insulin on the airplane? Is there a problem going through security?

When you go through security, you have to "declare" your insulin and other liquids.  I normally put my insulin in a separate plastic bag and place it in a bin through the x-ray machine.

The TSA site with complete details can be found at the following link:

It does not appear that TSA requires a note from your doctor, I would recommend it.  I have been asked for a note from my doctor while traveling internationally.

You should always carry extra insulin, test strips, food/juice, etc.  As far as juice goes, I found it a hassle to go through security with it as they may want to open it up.  I normally get a regular (non-diet) bottle of soda after I go through security.  Soda is better as it has just as many carbs and doesn't have to be refrigerated after opening.  It may not be as healthy as juice but the refrigeration need while traveling is a problem.