Did anyone fly during pregnancy?  If so how far along were you? 

Me and my hubby have plans to fly to Kauai in October and I will be exactly 30 weeks.  I know it is like a 4 1/2 hour flight so there maybe some concerns... any thoughts?



When I was 8 weeks pregnant I flew to Bali and that was 16 hours to Hong Kong and another 4.5 to Bali. My doctor said it was completely fine and I was fine! I'm so glad that we didn't cancel because we probably won't be going anywhere like that for a long time after November. I would check with your doctor about any special precautions to take if you're that far along, but the instructions that I was given was to drink tons of water and to make sure to walk around often. Keep snacks and glucose close at hand in case you go low during take off and landing!

Thanks uneducated thought was that it would put me into labor LOL.  I'll bring it up at my next check-up.