i'm flying for the first time next  month since being on the the omni-pod. what do I  have to bring with me to the airport to show them what it is and not be strip searched because they think its a bomb on my belly. lol  any advice will help, i am nervous about what the airport people will say or do.

I haven't flown since the most recent round of TSA paranoia, but in the past, I've always brought a note from my doctor saying I'm diabetic and use an insulin pump, as well as prescriptions for all of my supplies.  Except for the first time I flew with my pump when I (naively) explained before going through the metal detector what it was and found myself listening, while barefoot in JFK Airport at 5 am, to the security agent telling me about her difficulties getting her T2 mother to take her medication, it's never been an issue.  I don't fly that often, but my Medtronic has never set off any alarms.  I would also advise getting there early in case anything goes wrong, but I've always ended up waiting around after getting through security with no problem.

Julia -

About a year ago, I flew from the Bahamas to JFK (NYC International Aiport) to San Diego, CA in one day.  The trip was exhausting and w/ the time change, my blood sugars were a bit screwy that day.  Anyways, I was in 3 different airports that were all considered international and even flew from another country with no problem!  I had a letter from my doctor that listed what medication I was on and that I was a type 1 diabetic.  Before I went through the medical detector, I told them I was type 1 diabetic and showed them my pump and my blood sugar kit.  I would say 2 out of 3 times, they would escort me to the side and search my carry-on and all my meds.  In addition, they took a piece of cotton and swabed my test kit and my pump.  Once it test negative for any type of explosives, they will let you go through w/o a problem.  I was stopped once in Chicago at O'hare and told by one of the TSA employees that a letter from my doctor would help next time I travel and make sure your meds are labeled w/ what they are and your name.

Good Luck and Have Fun !


I have flown numerous times and to be honest the couple times I didnt say anything- took off my pump and put it in my purse and it went thru the scanner along with my meter they never said a thing! 

Now my most recent trip for my honeymoon, I started beeping thru the metal detector with my pump on! I showed them with an explanation, nope I was escorted in a private room and patted down for about 10 min! I was very upset. So I think it all really depends on who the TSA agent is. The ones that are familar with seeing the pumps are fine. Honestly I would just put it in your purse and send it on thru and never say a thing, because I think that is what has worked best for me so far. lol

I have never had a problem going through security wearing my pump, but it depends on the airport and the people involved for sure.  As long as you have a letter from your doctor and all your supplies, you should be fine.  Act like a normal person and don't say anything about your supplies unless they ask.  TSA agents should all be used to seeing pumps and diabetes supplies, but be prepared in case anything strange happens.  

thanks guys!! I have an appt. with my endo tomorrow so i'll get him to write a letter of explaination.

thanks guys!! I have an appt. with my endo tomorrow so i'll get him to write a letter of explaination.