Follow JDRF at the White House on Twitter! Tomorrow!

Follow JDRF at the White House on Twitter!   

President Barack Obama will be signing an Executive Order lifting the federal ban on embryonic stem cell research on Monday in a ceremony at the White House.  A few JDRF volunteers and staff will be at the White House to represent the Foundation.

This is a special moment for everyone that has worked so hard over the past decade.  JDRF wants to make sure that, even though everyone that made this moment possible can’t be at the White House, we can get you as close as possible to the Oval Office!

Follow Each Moment on Twitter
We will do this through a website called Twitter.  Twitter is a website that lets you update your friends and family on what you’re up to.  You can also follow others to find out what’s new with them.  JDRF has set-up a Twitter account (JDRFAdvocacy) so you can follow what we’re up to everyday.  You can find out more about how the site works at

Signing-up for a Twitter account is very easy.  Once you’ve provided just a few pieces of information, your personal Twitter page will be all set. 

To follow updates from JDRF’s Larry Soler directly from the White House through our new Twitter account, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit and click ‘Join Now’.
2. Provide a few pieces of information for your Twitter page.
3. You’re all set!  Larry’s updates will begin in the morning before the event begins, during the event, and through the post-event receptions.
4. Forward this to a friend.

Thank you again.  See you from the Oval Office!