Food/carb help

Ok I want Riley to eat a well balance diet and get enough carbs daily for brain development. However with this stupid thing called puberty hitting her full force and her being what seems somewhat insulin resistant some foods are just horrible and others are not.Lower carb foods seem to be ok even if I stack them but higher carb foods are just no good.

Bad carb stuff


breakfast sandwiches

mini corn dogs

some cereals

ugh so much more it makes her spike from 150 to 300 easy with what should be plenty of insulin to cover it.


good carb stuff



But she is a 9 yo girl and well cant eat just fruit and veggies plus we try and eat the same as her and I cant afford fresh fruit and veggies for every dang meal. She wont eat other fillers like most meats ect.


I know little about foods but wanted to know what other carb foods might she not spike from? Complex partial or what have ya I dont know what ones do what and what foods fall into each category. I feel lame but before she was doing ok and now I need to know more because she isnt. I tried searching myself but I dont know enough about it to really to do it on my own.

I am a big carb counter. If she likes pizza I have found Dominoe's thin and crunchy crust 1 slice will give you 15 carbs. You can have a pita pizza you can make yourself with low sugar sauce and whole wheat pita or low carb pita if you can find it. That would be 30 carbs then throw the fruit and veggies in and it won't look so bad. If she will eat oatmeal in the morning their is a cinimon swirl high fiber which is 30 carbs per packet. I never ate oatmeal before until I was Dx with T1. Their are also great diabetic books and on line recipe's if you want to get creative. If you have insurance you should look into a diabetic dietician. I went and it was the best thing I ever did. I was Dx this February so I had to learn quickly too. I do have to admit I am not 9 yrs old either I am 43. Good luck.

Yeah who we saw in the hospital said guess what foods have crabs and how many in some. We need to go back to one but just got the kids on new insurance and need to go to the pcp first.  I dont have a problem counting carbs. I just dont understand the bodies reaction to simple and complex carbs for a T-1 and what foods are complex and simple. 

ugh neverr mind food is stupid. I just looked up the glycemic index and well it says watermelon will make you BS rise fast but it doesnt seem to bug Ri at all. Her insulin covers it at the 2 hour mark and she is at a decent number but bananas which are in the middle make her go sky high at the 2 hour mark. So I wont be able to follow any guidelines I am just going to have to figure out what works for her and what doesnt.

Hey Jessica, Do you have a book like Calorie King to look up the carbs for different foods?

A lot of carbs will lead to a post meal spike, but she should still have some carbs to grow, etc! With high carb foods (pasta, rice, banana....), I personally eat some, but keep the portions small. Sometimes for snacks, I buy those "100 calorie pack" things to automatically stop me from eating a whole container of crackers (which I would do w/o realizing it!). Protein in a meal is supposed to slow down carb absorption (the reason why you only want carbs to treat a low). I sometimes eat beans for carbs AND protein for lunch (e.g. black beans w/ sour cream or kidney beans w/ melted cheese and tomato) which is nice if I'm running on the high side and don't want to make it worse with a bowl of pasta.

You'll have to "experiment", but I find that under 50 grams of carbs a meal works for me. Not sure the recommendations for a preteen though. But, I let myself "cheat" when I want so I don't feel deprived, and I don't feel like D is running my life. I just make sure to test more after a special meal.

It's crazy how carbs affect each diabetic differently! I can totally eat pizza with no problem, but a banana or rice -- forget it! So, unfortunately, it will just take more practice to see what works for her. Hang in there!

yeah we have a cal king book. Like I said counting the carbs and figuring out the amounts is the easy part. She just does cruddy with some foods and not others but its getting hard to feed her things she will eat that will get her full and all the nutrients she needs. Plus enough carbs I think for her she should be around 100 per day for brain development. She hates meat and well most free foods grr. So filling her up is hard right now with out a carb over load. So I was trying to think of lower carb foods she could eat more of to help fill her tummy but wont cause her to go from 150 to 300-400 two hours after eating it. Its just so hard. I dont often tell her no unless she is high (200-250) and wants something I know will send her higher. I make her come down more first or have her pick something that wont mess with her so bad.

If you choose higher fiber carb foods, paired with proteins, that should help limit spikes.  ie) whole grain crackers & peanut butter (or cheese); whole wheat pasta & meat sauce; Kashi granola bars; plain yogurt topped with granola; hummous & whole wheat pita chips; corn toritillas & bean dip; whole wheat toast & peanut butter (or tuna). 

Jessica, This may not be popular to say b/c I know some people on here are very pro- low carb. But, if she's not getting enough to eat, just up her insulin! Obviously, a dr could give bnetter advice about how much, but she has to eat!

P.S. what was xxx'ed out in my previous post? So weird!

My daughter has similar issues with certain foods that  make her blood sugar spike like crazy. We keep a log when this happens and, assuming we find a pattern, we make adjustments to her insulin. With Sarah the worst food seems to be rice. I can give her a serving that's supposed to be worth 43 carbs, which is just under 3 units of insulin for her, but she'll go over 300 - so I give her 4 units of insulin and make sure she's got some protein on her plate. She's usually still a little high (I could probably give her five, but I'm still paranoid about her going low), but not as high.