Food Network Mini Cake Eyeballs - Frightfully Fun to Make!

The Food Network has some great ideas for kids and for those that are kids at heart to celebrate the Halloween season.  Take a look at the link and find out how to make Mini Cake Eyeballs - a fun low carb treat.  Make sure you use mini cupcake baking pans.  The mini size of the cakes keeps the carbs down.  Does anyone have a low carb frosting that still looks nice but is lower in carbs ?

What frightfully fun things do you do for Halloween ? 

Those look really cool and bet are fun to make. I watched all of the cake videos and loved them all !!

I know.  All the Food Network videos on stuff to make for Halloween are really fun.  What do you do like to do on Halloween for fun ?  Do you dress up or make something really fun to get into the spirit.  What festive, moderate in carb ideas have you come across, if any, to help get into the spirit but don't break the carbohydrate bank ?  ,

Here's my version of the eyeball cupcakes, they didn't turn out too bad.

I like Halloween decorations and all the cool costumes. I don't dress up anymore but I still enjoy the Holiday : ) Sorry no suggestions that won't break the carb bank.