Food poisoning and keyones

Never got sick where it has caused large ketones. Today is the day. I came home early with diarrhea and vomiting. I have been drinking herbal tea. Haven’t had food yet as the last thing I ate didn’t stay down.I just tested my ketones with strips and it’s dark purple large ketones. My sugar is 213 and I just changed my site again. It hasn’t been that high all day. Will drinking fluids and bolusing lower my ketone levels? Any advice as I am rarely sick and don’t want DKA to creep up on me.

Welcome back @jm1977, too bad it is under these circumstances.

In my experience, I believe that you MAY be taking the right action - I’m not a medical professional. If you are using your pump for the correction bolus, I suggest that you instead yse a syringe and needle. 213 mg/dl is not high, so take care that you don’t overload with insulin - but make certain that the insulin is sufficient for foods eaten.

If the ketone is diabetes related, it most often indicates that enough insulin was not infused/injected to cover foods. Your ketone sounds to me as if it may be the result of food not getting into you and your body is eating stored fat for nourishment. If this continues, please be checked out to be certain that you do not have a hidden infection.


Hi @jm1977 . I’m sorry to hear this is happening. Did you check the date on your ketone strips? Mine come in bottles of 50 and I don’t even use them once in a blue moon so is possible they’re giving you a false result - as @Dennis said 213 isn’t that high although perhaps our bodies respond differently.
If you try injections later (don’t stack on top of your pump bolus) and you still can’t bring your numbers down, in my experience that means I have an infection that needs to be addressed. My endo doesn’t handle this so I go to my PCP for a urine test (suspected UTI) of blood test; and if that fails - my dentist.
I personally find that no amount of insulin will lower ketones if I don’t drink plenty of sugar free liquids.
All the best to you!


I went through my daughters fist bad sickness in feb and called the oncall endo. Her ketones were pink but almost to purple. His suggestion was to bring down the blood sugar with a shot but also to mix half regular gatorade and half water, maybe it will help you. I know its hard to keep anything down but try and get something in you.

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