Foods good for Diabetics

Ive always heard cinnamon was good for diabetics. Sprinkle in on your foods and its supposed to help regulate your BG. Does anyone know any other foods that are good for Diabetics?

I haven't heard of any other foods but I did just recently hear that about cinnamon too. :) Which is good for me, because I love cinnamon!

Did a google search and came up with this.

I have heard beans help regulate the blood sugar, I believe -- especially lentils

Hey Everyone,

Steel Cut Oatmeal in the morning can help regulate your bg throughout the day.  I often recommend this to my clients.  Also, protein and carb combo in yogurt can help regulate you before bed.  Dinner of protein and veggies can help reduce blood sugar overnight.  Maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon on the oatmeal in the morning? Anything with high fiber is also great and good protein content.  I love blackberries, they have 8 grams of fiber and help me regulate my blood sugar.  Try a great smoothie with 1 cup soy milk, 3/4 cup frozen blackberries and any packet of sugar free crystal lite that you like.  (I like raspberry in there.)   Ironically cinnamon is one of the only foods I'm allergic to which I think is interesting that I have diabetes and it helps it. :) 


Are  you a dietician? Do you know of any other foods good for diabetics? I read online today pears, apples, oranges, oatmeal, peanuts, beans, peas, granola, broccoli, spinach, greenbeans are good. Also on the herbal side: ginseng after a meal, yarrow, huckleberries, cinnamon powder, licorice extract can all help lower BG.

Hi Sue,

Those all sound great.  I am a nutrition consultant and diabetes wellness consultant freelance.  Also interested in natural health and fitness.  I work for Jenny Craig so have learned a lot both from personal experience and general interest.  Generally anything with a high fiber content and lower Glycemic Index (how fast a food makes blood sugar rise) is a great choice.  You may want to read a bit about the Glycemic index, it's used often in Europe, but not as focused on here but is helpful for diabetics.   I'm happy to hear more about your experiences and offer any input that's helpful.  Also, quinoa, buckwheat and sweet potatoes are great choices for carbs instead of white rice or white potatoes.  I also like the low carb/hi fiber tortilla wraps for sandwiches.  :)  Talk soon!

I bought cinnamon from a health food store,tried it for awhile,then read cinnamon worked for type 2 .Maybe I will try it again if it works for others here.

I've heard that tomatoes are good for diabetics because of their fiber content. Any food with high fiber content usch as oranges,apples, beans, peas, etc are good for diabetics.

I haven't heard of that but THANK YOU for telling me!

P.S I'm going to go buy some Cinnamon !! LOL

Given the predisposition to high cholesterol/triglycerides in diabetes, I assume anything heart healthy is a good food for diabetes...high fiber, low fat. Fish oil or flax seed supplements are supposed to help correct levels.  Niacin should too, although I've been hearing negative things about it lately.  It was recommended to me that instead of drinking fruit juice I eat a piece of fruit, because the fiber in the fruit reduces the impact of the sugar.

Ellen, Your info is good and healthy for those with or without diabetes! Thanks for sharring.

If you mean foods that help regulate your blood sugar anything higher in fiber help. Oatmeal has regulates my blood sugar pretty nicely when I eat it. 

Now, with that being said foods good for diabetics? I think that as long as you eat a well-balanced diet (think food pyramid) that is the best way for you to keep you healthy. And you will notice that if you eat small meals throughout the day your blood sugars really stay level. I have been doing this for the past couple of months and my blood sugars are the best they have ever been.

Don't think you have to  limit yourself just make good food choices!